The Price of Paradise - Funding Louisiana's Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat for our Next Generation

Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise offers hunting and angling opportunities that make our state the envy of outdoor enthusiasts around the world. It’s through your license fees that these opportunities exist and will be available for future generations. LDWF has not increased its license fees since 2000, with the exception of a saltwater license fee in 2015 dedicated to bolstering recreational fishing data collection. Inflation and other expenses are straining our ability to maintain our Sportsman’s Paradise. 

+ What’s the problem?

+ Plan of Action

+ Current Fees and Structure

+ Proposed Fees and Restructure

+ In Some Cases Licenses will be cheaper

+ How These Fees Compare to Neighboring States

+ The Bottom Line

+ What Does Your Funding Support?

+ Frequently Asked Questions

+ Submit your comments regarding the proposed license restructure