Archery In Louisiana Schools (ALAS)


LDWF is offering 20 equipment grants to new schools this school year.  These grants will provide a portion of the equipment required to administer the NASP/ALAS curriculum at no cost to the school.  For more information regarding these grants or the Archery in Louisiana Schools program contact:  The equipment grant application along with more details about these grants can be found in the attachment at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming Classes and Events: 
There will be a NASP BAI certification course in Alexandria, LA on April 14th at Hope Baptist School. For more details or to register for a class visit: Please visit us on facebook at You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr For more information regarding the ALAS program, or getting your school started, please contact

ALAS is a part of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) that is designed to introduce students in grades 4-12 to international target style archery. As the name states, the program is designed to be taught as part of the in-school curriculum. Most commonly the program is integrated into the schools PE program and is taught within the schools gymnasium. Once exposed to the program many schools develop after school programs and archery clubs. Students at schools that teach the ALAS curriculum are then eligible to compete in State, National, and even World tournaments.

The sport of archery is a great way to get students involved in not only a life long sport, but also in their school, and into the outdoors. ALAS is program that looks to inspire confidence through the focus and discipline that sport of archery requires and the results speak for themselves. Nationwide over 10 million students have participated in the National Archery in the Schools program in its first ten years. Just last year over 2.3 million students participated in NASP, more than participated in Little Leauge!

For more information regarding the ALAS program:

Visit our facebook page at: ALAS-Archery in Louisiana Schools

or contact:

Robert Stroede
ALAS State Coordinator

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