White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Birding and Nature Trail

White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Birding and Nature Trail

LDWF provides a two-mile birding and nature trail at White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area south of Gueydan in Vermilion Parish.  The trail is open daily from sunrise to sunset and there is no fee or permit required for visitors.


The trail is located on 32 acres on the north side of the property, making it easily accessible to the public. Visitor parking spaces are located at the entrance to White Lake, located 7.4 miles south of Gueydan at the south end of Hwy 91.


The trail area includes a covered pavilion with tables, two educational kiosks with information on the trail and the species of plants and animals in and around the conservation area, and an observation tower located at the southeast corner of the trail. This tower provides visitors a panoramic view of the trail and surrounding the White Lake property.

Trail Rules

  • Pedestrians only – No vehicles, ATV’s, bicycles or horses.
  • No pets.
  • No loud music.
  • No littering.
  • No weapons or alcoholic beverages.
  • Open flames are not permitted.
  • Removal of vegetation is not permitted.

Viewing Opportunities

White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area includes numerous species of plants, birds and mammals. The trail provides an array of habitat types that attracts a high diversity of avian species. Visitors to the trail can expect to see a variety of bird species including waterfowl, wading birds, and songbirds.

Several species were documented for the first time on the White Lake property during the 2011 Audubon National Christmas Bird Count survey. Highlights from the 2011 survey included: a pair of nesting Great Kiskadees, representing one of only two or three known breeding pairs in the state; the second state record of a Gray Flycatcher, observed by the LDWF state ornithologist, Michael Seymour; and the first state record of a Prairie Falcon, observed by leading ornithologists, Steve Cardiff and Donna Dittmann. Based upon this survey and other sightings, White Lake’s list of bird species could include 300 species, 174 of which have been documented by sight, sound, or video on the property.


  • Visitors are reminded that the wetlands within and around the White Lake property provide habitat for reptile species including alligators and snakes. Be aware of your surroundings and use caution if reptiles are encountered.When walking the trails, please keep small children close at hand and under supervision.
  • This is a sub-tropical environment and can be very hot and humid, especially in the summer. Bring water (especially in summer months), insect repellent (summer months and if you will be in or around heavy vegetation), sunscreen, and proper clothing for the activity you will be doing.
  • Do not feed any wildlife that you encounter.

More Information

Contact Schuyler Dartez at 337-536-9400, ext. 2 or sdartez@wlf.la.gov.

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