More Cute Chick Pictures

PWRC (Patuxent Wildlife Research Center) #9 who is the oldest of the potential 2012 LA chicks.
PWRC #12, second oldest potential 2012 LA chick.
PWRC #14 in his outside run.
PWRC #15, getting in some extra exercise swimming in the pool.
PWRC #17.  Notice the puppet head behind her hanging over a food or water dish to help encourage the chick to eat/drink.
PWRC #18 in the inside portion of it's run.

The potential 2012 LA chicks range in age from the oldest, PWRC #9, who hatched on 7 May to the youngest, PWRC #25, who hatched just last week on 11 June and all are doing well.  Jane told me they have been walking #'s 15, 17, 18, & 19 together and they're doing well but she hasn't been able to get a photo because they have to keep them moving otherwise #18 starts to get a bit "pecky" towards the other chicks.

Thanks again to Jane Chandler from PWRC for providing these photos and the updates on the chicks!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos of the 2012 LA cohort.

Update by Sara Zimorski