Some Photos Just For Fun!

Seven of our 2011 birds, #'s L1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, & 13-11 in Avoyelles Parish.
L13-12, a male from our most recent 2012 cohort, released last December.
Clearly the largest bird in the bunch, L14-11, a female from our 2011 cohort in Vermilion Parish.
These 3 females are from our most recent 2012 cohort, #'s L2, 11, & 12-12.
The sole survivor from our original 2010 cohort, L3-10, has once again joined up with L8, 10, & 11-11.
L4-11, another lone female from our 2011 cohort.

Hooray for digital cameras!!  I'm always amazed at how many photos of these cranes I have and how many I take, but how few of them turn out really great or even just good.  Just like people, cranes blink and move, the wind blows vegetation into the frame of the photo, or my hands shake, and the end result is lots of images that just aren't that great.  Thank goodness we don't have to pay for printing and processing like you used to!  In looking for these pictures today I also realized I need to go through and organize my photos a little more often, there are lots of blurry ones that need to be deleted and some good ones that should be posted and shared!

The majority of the birds have remained stable and in the same locations all spring and summer which has made it easier to regularly check on and monitor them.  However most of our monitoring wouldn't be possible if not for the cooperation of the landowners on whose property many of the released birds live.  We have met landowners and farmers in a number of different parishes and they have been helpful and cooperative and gracious to us and the birds!  In fact each photo posted above was taken from private property that the landowners and farmers had given us permission to access in order to monitor the birds, so a huge THANK YOU to them!!

Update and photos by Sara Zimorski.