Release Date: 10/12/2016

Last week, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission set the 2016-17 oyster season in Calcasieu Lake. The season was set based on the annual oyster stock assessment provided by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists and comments received from members of the public, including the oyster industry.

Both the East Side and West Cove portions of the Calcasieu Lake Public Oyster Area will open one-half hour before sunrise on Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  However, this action does not supersede public health closures.

During the 2016-17 oyster season, the following provisions will be in effect:

1.              Any vessel from which any person(s) takes or attempts to take oysters from the Calcasieu Lake Public Oyster Area described above are limited to a daily take and possession limit not to exceed seven sacks of oysters per vessel.  A sack of oysters for the purposes of this declaration of emergency shall be defined as the size described in R.S. 56:440. 

2.              If any person on a vessel takes or attempts to take oysters from the Calcasieu Lake Public Oyster Area described above, all oysters contained on that vessel will be deemed to have been taken from said public oyster area from the time harvest begins until all oysters are off-loaded dockside.

3.              Prior to leaving the Calcasieu Lake Public Oyster Area with oysters harvested from said oyster area, all oysters must be sacked. The number of sacks should be recorded in a log book, and each sack shall be properly tagged.

4.              All vessels located in the Calcasieu Lake Public Oyster Area during those times between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise should have all oyster dredges unshackled.

The following areas shall remain closed for the 2016/2017 oyster season:

1. The 2015 Calcasieu Lake West Cove Cultch Plant within the following coordinates:

        A.          29 degrees 52 minutes 39.66 seconds

         93 degrees 23 minutes 42.14 seconds

         B.         29 degrees 52 minutes 28.94 seconds

         93 degrees 23 minutes 42.20 seconds

         C.         29 degrees 52 minutes 39.60 seconds

         93 degrees 23 minutes 31.92 seconds

         D.         29 degrees 52 minutes 29.01 seconds

         93 degrees 23 minutes 31.92 seconds

2.  The 2015 Calcasieu Lake Southeast Side Cultch Plant within the following coordinates:

                        A.    29 degrees 50 minutes 25.46 seconds

       93 degrees 17 minutes 05.83 seconds

                        B.    29 degrees 50 minutes 19.83 seconds

       93 degrees 17 minutes 04.64 seconds

          C.      29 degrees 50 minutes 28.52 seconds

       93 degrees 16 minutes 51.37 seconds

                        D.    29 degrees 50 minutes 22.86 seconds

       93 degrees 16 minutes 50.19 seconds

            3.  The Cheniere Reef Artificial Reef Planning Area within the following coordinates:

                        A.     93 degrees 51 minutes 09.10 seconds

        93 degrees 17 minutes 06.96 seconds

                        B.     29 degrees 51 minutes 09.35 seconds

       93 degrees 16 minutes 50.20 seconds

          C.      29 degrees 51 minutes 05.33 seconds

       93 degrees 16 minutes 46.06 seconds

          D.      29 degrees 50 minutes 50.72 seconds

       93 degrees 16 minutes 45.78 seconds

          E.      29 degrees 50 minutes 50.96 seconds

       93 degrees 17 minutes 09.62 seconds

          F.       29 degrees 51 minutes 05.56 seconds

       93 degrees 17 minutes 09.90 seconds

              4.         The Sabine Lake Public Oyster Area (as described in R.S. 56:435.1).

Closure dates will be determined by LDWF Secretary Melancon on an “as needed” basis, based on biological and harvest data, or if enforcement issues are encountered.  The Secretary is also authorized by the Commission to take emergency action to reopen areas previously closed if the threat to the resource has ended, and to open public areas if substantial oyster resources are located. 

Public notice of any opening, delay or closure of a season will be provided at least 72 hours in advance, unless such closure is ordered by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for public health concerns.

For maps associated with the above season visit:

LDWF to Open Fall Red Snapper Season in State Waters

Release Date: 10/07/2016

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, at its regularly scheduled October meeting, took action allowing recreational anglers to harvest additional red snapper in state waters beginning at 12:01 am on Friday, October 7, 2016, during weekends only.  Weekends are restricted to Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.  
This action was taken by the Commission after receiving a red snapper landings update from the Department.  Preliminary estimates from the Department’s LA Creel Program indicate Louisiana’s recreational fishermen (private anglers and charter-for-hire) landed a total of 1,041,321 pounds of red snapper through September 6, 2016, when Louisiana’s state water red snapper season closed. These landings account for approximately 93 percent of our historical average for both the private angler and charter boat components of the recreational sector (1,116,732 pounds).
This fall season will allow recreational anglers the opportunity to harvest the remaining 75,411 pounds of red snapper in state waters, with a daily bag and possession limit of two fish per person at a 16-inch minimum total length.  The department will monitor harvest, and the Secretary was given the authority to close the season when necessary to protect the resource.
Recreational Offshore Landing Permit
LDWF reminds anglers that a Recreational Offshore Landing Permit is required in order to possess certain species, including red snapper.  Anglers may obtain or renew the permit, free of charge at Anglers may renew their permits up to 30 days prior to expiration. A valid Louisiana fishing license number is required to obtain a permit. A confirmation number is allowed for a temporary (trip) license.
Recreational anglers and charter captains are required to obtain a Recreational Offshore Landing Permit to possess tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers, snappers, hinds, cobia, wahoo and dolphin. Minors (under 16) are not required to obtain a recreational offshore landing permit. Angling customers on a paid-for-hire charter trip also do not need a permit as long as the charter captain has a valid Charter Recreational Offshore Landing Permit.

LWF Commission Proposes Commercial Fishing Season on Poverty Point Reservoir

Release Date: 10/06/2016

Today, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission considered a Notice of Intent (NOI) to modify the ban on commercial fishing gear and establish a commercial fishing season on Poverty Point Reservoir in Richland Parish.
The NOI proposes a removal of the current net ban to allow for the legal harvest of commercial fish during a special recurring trammel and gill netting season to begin on October 1 and close at sunset on the last day of February the following year.  Commercial fishing will only be allowed in designated areas, and although gear can remain overnight, fish must be harvested during daylight hours only. 
The use of hoop nets, wire nets and fish seines will remain prohibited.
To view the full notice of intent, please visit here.
Interested persons may submit comments relative to the proposed rule to Ryan Daniel, District 2 Fisheries Biologist Manager, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 368 Century Link Dr., Monroe, LA 71203-8732 or via email to prior to December 5, 2016.

LWF Commission Updates List of Established Recreational Reef Sites

Release Date: 10/06/2016

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission took action at today’s monthly meeting on a Notice of Intent (NOI) to update the list of established recreational reef sites in Louisiana inshore waters.
In Calcasieu Lake, the Commission proposes to remove the inshore planning area encompassing Oyster Reefs 1, 2, and 3 (also known as the Chenier Reefs) from to the list of established recreational reef sites. This action would allow for the future harvest of market-size oysters known to exist in the area. A new area of water bottoms in the lake would be designated and set aside as a recreational reef (planned East Calcasieu Reef in Cameron Parish), and oyster harvest would be restricted in this area. 
New reef sites in Lake Pontchartrain include the recently created 10-acre West End reef site near the south shore of the lake in Orleans Parish, and the new 10-acre St. John reef site in the southwestern part of the lake in St. John the Baptist Parish.
Other site changes include the removal of duplicate reef sites coordinates, consistency corrections and subsequent renumbering of reef sites.
To view the full notice of intent and for reef site coordinates, please visit here.
Interested persons may submit comments relative to the proposed modifications to Craig Gothreaux, Artificial Reef Program Manager, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries – Fisheries Extension, P.O. Box 98000, Baton Rouge, LA 70898-9000 or via email to prior to November 28, 2016.

LDWF Extends Drawdown on Saline Lake

Release Date: 10/05/2016

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Saline Lake Commission have extended the current drawdown on Saline Lake in Natchitoches and Winn parishes until November 1, 2016.  The extension is due to unusually heavy rainfall, which kept the area inundated for most of August.
The action is a necessary component of LDWF’s integrated management plan to control overabundant aquatic vegetation growth and to improve access for recreational activities.  An annual cycle of high and low water fluctuation can provide beneficial effects similar to a natural overflow lake system.
The current LDWF Saline Lake Aquatic Vegetative Management Plan can be viewed at:
For additional information regarding the drawdown, contact Villis Dowden, LDWF Biologist, at or (318) 357-3214. 

LDWF Stocks Popular Louisiana Urban Fisheries

Release Date: 10/04/2016

Continuing its popular Get Out and Fish! Community Fishing Program, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will stock several south Louisiana urban fisheries this month. For those who think the cooler weather will put a damper on their fishing season, nothing could be farther from the truth. One of life’s greatest outdoor pleasures is experiencing the thrilling fight of a channel cat on the end of a line during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.
Girard Park in Lafayette and BREC’s Burbank Park in Baton Rouge will each receive 300 pounds of adult size channel catfish later this week. Sidney Torres Park in Chalmette will also be stocked later this month.
The channel catfish is a highly prized sportfish and can be enticed to bite a hook baited with a kernel of canned corn, shrimp, live worms or chicken livers. At previous events, the bait of choice was dead shrimp fished on the bottom.
The fish were produced at the department’s Booker Fowler Fish Hatchery in Forest Hill, La.
The Get Out and Fish! Program seeks to increase the number of people with access to quality fishing, recruit new anglers to the sport of fishing and to promote outdoor activities for future generations. 
For more information, contact Danica Williams at or (504) 628-7282. 

October 2016 Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Meeting Agenda

Release Date: 10/04/2016

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to Meet October 6, 2016 - 9:30 A.M.

2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70898

Louisiana Room

Committee Agenda


1.     Call to Order         

2.     Pledge of Allegiance

3.     Roll Call

4.     Adoption of July 07, 2016; August 04, 2016; and September 01, 2016 Commission Meeting Minutes

5.     Commission Special Announcements / Personal Privilege         

6.     Enforcement Reports September, 2016 – Captain Edward Skena

7.     Receive Report on Delinquent and/or Non-Filed Notices of Intent and Declarations of Emergency – Angela Thomas, LWF Commission Secretary and Catherine Brindley, Office of State Register Editor

8.     Receive and Consider an Amended Notice of Intent to Modify the Gag Season and Increase the Gag and Black Grouper Size Limit – Jason Adriance, Biologist

9.     Receive and Consider Red Snapper Season Update and Receive and Consider a Declaration of Emergency for Reopening of State Waters to Red Snapper Recreational Harvest – Jason Adriance, Biologist

10.  Receive and Consider a Notice of Intent to Amend LAC 76:VII.5.537 to Update List of Established Recreational Reef Sites – Craig Gothreaux, Biologist

11.  Receive and Consider Updated Report on Calcasieu Lake Oysters and Consider a Declaration of Emergency for the Calcasieu Lake Oyster Season – Steven Beck, Biologist

12.  Receive an Update on Special Artificial Reef Sites (SARS) Moratorium – Mike McDonough, Biologist

13.  Receive and Consider a Notice of Intent Modifying the Ban on Commercial Fishing Gear and Establishing a Commercial Fishing Season in Poverty Point Reservoir – Ryan Daniel, Biologist

14.  Receive Summary Report of Recent LDWF Assessments, Including Blue Crab, Mullet, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder, Spotted Seatrout and Red Drum – Jason Adriance, Biologist

15.  Receive Update on Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council – Myron Fischer, Biologist

16.  Receive and Consider a Notice of Intent to Reduce the Wild Alligator Return Rate  – Edmond Mouton, Biologist

17.  Public Hearing to Receive Comment on Amended Provisions to Notice of Intent for the Cervid Carcass Importation Ban – Johnathan Bordelon, Biologist

18.  Set January, 2017 Commission Meeting Date

19.  Receive Public Comments

20.  Consider Holding an Executive Session, Pursuant to R.S. 42:17(A)(2) for Discussion of Settlement Offer in the Matter Entitled Stroud Petroleum, Inc. v. Pintail Properties, L.L.C., et al; NO. 34865, 39th JDC, Parish of Red River and other related cases involving the Albritton Servitude – Ryan Seidemann, Assistant Attorney General and Yolanda Martin, LDWF General Counsel

21.  Consider Holding an Executive Session, Pursuant to R.S. 42:17(A)(2) for Discussion of Settlement Payment for Valuation of Loss of the Guitreau and Lambert Tracts from Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area from Old Republic National Title Insurance Company – Yolanda Martin, General Counsel

22.  Adjournment  

A live audio/video stream of this meeting will be available via  To attend this meeting via webinar visit:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Gulf Council to Host Coral Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

Release Date: 09/26/2016

The Gulf of Mexico will host a Coral Stakeholder Engagement Meeting in Louisiana to educate fishermen using bottom contacting gear on the importance of deep-water coral reef habitats, and to gather input on potential coral protection mechanisms and proposed areas that may warrant Habitat Area of Particular concern designation. 
The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. local time with a brief presentation on deep-water corals. Staff will then describe proposed protections on priority areas that have been identified by the Council’s scientific and fishermen advisors. The proposed expansion of the Flower Garden Sanctuary will be included in the presentation. Finally, staff will take comments to gather local knowledge on deep-water coral areas and discuss any unintended consequences that may occur as a result of management action.
Monday, September 26, 2016 
Courtyard Marriott
142 Library Drive
Houma, Louisiana
Click here to submit comments online:

Oyster Task Force Coastal Restoration Subcommittee to Meet

Release Date: 09/23/2016

OTF Coastal Restoration Subcommittee

Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 11:00 A.M.

UNO Advanced Technology Center

2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 210

New Orleans 70122




I.               Call to Order

II.             To hear the presentation: Building Land in Coastal Louisiana: Expert

Recommendations for Operating a Successful Sediment Diversion that Balances Ecosystem and Community Needs- Natalie Peyronnin

III.           Public Comment

IV.           Set next meeting

V.             Adjourn


The meeting will be held in compliance with Louisiana’s Open Meetings Law as defined by Louisiana R.S. 42:11, et seq.  The public is invited to attend. To listen in to the meeting via webinar register at


The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana's abundant natural resources. For more information, visit us at, on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @LDWF.

Public Oyster Seed Ground Vessel Permit Appeals Board to Meet

Release Date: 09/22/2016

The Public Oyster Seed Ground Vessel Permit Appeals Board will meet on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The meeting will convene at 10:00 a.m. in the second floor conference room of the University of New Orleans’ Advanced Technology Center located at 2021 Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans.  

Agenda items for the meeting of the Public Oyster Seed Ground Vessel Permit Appeals Board are as follows:

1.     Roll Call of Board Members

2.     Approval of Minutes from August 23, 2016 Meeting

3.     Hearing of Deferred Renewal Permit Appeals

a.     Randy Chaisson, Sr.

4.     Update on Recommendations Made at August 23, 2016 Meeting

5.     Receive Public Comments

6.     Set next meeting date

7.     Adjournment

This Board was established by Act 922 of the 2008 Regular Legislative Session for the purpose of hearing appeals of vessel permit denials by LDWF. Act 922 requires that anyone commercially harvesting oysters on the public oyster seed grounds and reservations, except those in Calcasieu Lake and Sabine Lake, must do so from a vessel holding a public oyster seed ground vessel permit issued by LDWF.

The meeting will be held in compliance with Louisiana’s Open Meetings Law as defined by Louisiana R.S. 42:11, et seq.  The public is invited to attend.


For more information, please contact Ty Lindsey at 225-765-2387 or  

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