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Chief of LDWF’s Enforcement Division Retiring

Release Date: 06/05/2013

Chief of LDWF’s Enforcement Division Retiring

After more than 43 years of service to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division, Col. Winton Vidrine, 69, of Washington, has announced his retirement and will be leaving the department effective June 7, 2013.

In January of 1970, Vidrine was hired as an LDWF Enforcement Division agent.  Vidrine reached the highest rank of colonel in 1988 and served the last 25 years as the division’s chief of enforcement at the Baton Rouge headquarters office.

“We wish the best to Col. Vidrine in his retirement years.  He has certainly deserved his retirement for all of the years he has served the state of Louisiana.  I’m proud to say that I was able to work with him these past years,” said LDWF Secretary Robert Barham.  “He was instrumental in many programs and initiatives that improved the enforcement division over the years that have also benefitted conservation of our outdoor resources.”

When Vidrine started there was no formal training for LDWF agents and he was put out in the field on his first day in civilian clothes, driving his own truck and carrying his personal pistol.  He received his Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification in the fall of 1970.  Vidrine worked out of the Opelousas office mostly working boating, night hunting and fish shocking cases.

In 1972, Vidrine was instrumental in creating the Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association to help organize agents statewide into a collective unit.  Vidrine was awarded as the LDWF “Outstanding Agent of the Year” in 1975.

After his hiring, Vidrine quickly rose through the ranks achieving captain of the Opelousas office in 1976 and then being promoted to major in 1978 overseeing the Baton Rouge and Opelousas offices.  In 1980, Vidrine was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and worked out of the New Orleans office.

“I’ve had a great career that I wouldn’t have traded for anything,” said Col. Vidrine.  “Just becoming a game warden was satisfying by itself as I was an avid hunter and fisherman and got the chance to uphold rules and regulations that conserved our outdoor resources for my grandkids and their grandkids to enjoy.”

After becoming Colonel in 1988, Vidrine's top priority for the enforcement division was training.  Beginning in 1990, he implemented a more tailored training program for LDWF Wildlife Cadets that included classes on the laws for fisheries and wildlife management, driving while intoxicated detection, migratory game bird and fish identification, boating, and search and rescue training.  These changes increased the training a cadet receives from 12 weeks to over 20 weeks.  In 2001, LDWF initiated their first fully accredited and POST certified Cadet Academy that was completely taught and ran by LDWF agents.

Vidrine also oversaw every agent being issued a pistol beginning in the 1990s, initiation of the Maritime Search and Rescue course in the 2000s, the Maritime Special Response Team in 2010, and the first state to be accredited in the National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrator's Boat Operation and Training program in 2011.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes to the enforcement division in my 43 years of service,” said Vidrine.  “Thankfully, I was able to be in a position to make a lot of changes over the years that made us a more professional, efficient and improved law enforcement agency.”

Vidrine will be retiring back to his farm in Washington with his wife of 50 years, one child, two grandkids and two great-grandkids.

For more information, contact Adam Einck at 225-765-2465 or aeinck@wlf.la.gov.

$10,000 in Reward Money Now Being Offered for Information in Whooping Crane Shooting

Release Date: 06/05/2013

June 5, 2013 -- Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division agents and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) officials are still looking for leads regarding a whooping crane that was found shot to death in Red River Parish in April.

LDWF’s Operation Game Thief program, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation and the USFWS each initially offered up to $1,000 in rewards, for a total of up to $3,000.

LDWF Whooping Crane Biologist Sara Zimorski said, “We are grateful to the organizations and individuals who have contributed to the reward fund and we hope this extra incentive will bring forward some leads to help solve this case.”

The Humane Society of the United States and the The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust are offering $5,000, John Perilloux is offering $1,000, the International Crane Foundation, through the restitution money from the South Dakota whooping crane shooting case is offering $500, the Audubon Nature Institute is offering $250, and an anonymous donor is offering $250.  This brings the total in rewards to $10,000 for anybody that has any information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

If any group or person wants to donate funds to increase the reward amount, please contact LDWF Biologist Sara Zimorski at szimorski@wlf.la.gov or 337-536-9400 ext. 4.

To report any information regarding this whooping crane shooting, please call 1-800-442-2511.

The whooping crane was found and recovered from the bank of the Red River about two miles northwest of Loggy Bayou on April 16.  After a necropsy of the crane, it was determined that the bird was shot with a 6.5mm/.264 caliber projectile.

Investigators believe the bird was shot between April 10 and 14.  The whooping crane was a part of LDWF's whooping crane reintroduction program and was fitted with a GPS tracking device.  The last tracking point of the crane moving was on April 10 near where she was eventually found dead on April 16.  The last tracking point received was on April 14 at the location she was found.

This whooping crane was released in Louisiana on March 14, 2011.

LDWF has released 40 whooping cranes since 2011 and currently have 25 whooping cranes they are tracking.  This is the third whooping crane that has been found shot with the previous two having been shot in Jefferson Davis Parish in October of 2011.

The reintroduced whooping cranes came from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, MD, and they were placed in the coastal marsh of Vermilion Parish within LDWF’s White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area (WCA).  This reintroduced population marked the first presence of whooping cranes in the wild in Louisiana since 1950.

LDWF is working cooperatively with the USFWS, USGS, and the Louisiana Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit to bring the species back to the state.  This non-migratory flock of whooping cranes is designated as a non-essential, experimental population but is still protected under state law, the Endangered Species Act, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

For more information, contact Adam Einck at aeinck@wlf.la.gov or 225-765-2465.

False River Remains Top Priority for LDWF

Release Date: 06/04/2013

(June 4, 2013) - The fishery of False River in Pointe Coupee Parish continues to remain a top priority for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  The Department continues to work with the Department of Natural Resources, Pointe Coupee Parish, local legislators, other state agencies and private citizens to address the health of the lake.

Representatives from each of these groups make up the False River Watershed Council, who was charged with developing a plan of action to make improvements to False River and its watershed.  The council recently released a report to the Louisiana Legislature, which includes actions that are currently underway as well as future projects that will be implemented when funding becomes available. 

As the council awaits additional funding from the legislature to initiate major construction projects, the Department continues to monitor fish populations and has implemented a recurring commercial fishing season.   The season allows commercial fisherman to remove the overabundance of rough fish, including buffalo, garfish and carp, in the lake. 

In addition, the Department has also ramped up fish stocking efforts in anticipation of future habitat improvement.  Since December of 2011, LDWF has stocked over 230,000 redear sunfish fingerlings, over 6,500 Florida largemouth bass fingerlings, and 301 adult Florida largemouth bass.  Redear sunfish and largemouth bass have historically been popular sportfish for False River. 

In an attempt to ensure greater survival, LDWF is taking a different approach to stocking bass, shifting their efforts from stocking greater quantities of smaller fish to stocking fingerlings and adults. 

As future projects are underway, Department biologists will continue to monitor any changes in fish populations. 

For more information about the False River Watershed Council plan please visit LADNR False River Restoration Page.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant natural resources.  For more information, visit us at www.wlf.louisiana.gov on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ldwffb or follow us on Twitter @LDWF.

For press inquiries, contact Ashley Wethey at awethey@wlf.la.gov (225) 765-2396.



June 13 Deadline Approaching for Alligator Hunting Bids on WMAs and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Properties for the 2013-2015 Alligator Harvest Seasons

Release Date: 06/04/2013


June 4, 2013 -- The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) continues to accept bids for alligator hunting on Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) properties for the 2013-2015 alligator harvest seasons.  Eligible alligator hunters are chosen through a bid system every three years on selected WMAs/USACOE properties.

Completed bid application forms must be received by 10 a.m. on June 13, 2013 in Room 240 of the LDWF Headquarters Building at 2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, La. 70808.

Bids for alligator hunting continue to be solicited for the following WMAs and USACOE properties: Grassy Lake, Spring Bayou, and Pomme de Terre (Avoyelles Parish), Attakapas (Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes), Sherburne - USACOE Lands (Iberville, Pointe Coupee and St. Martin Parishes), Dewey Wills (La Salle and Catahoula Parishes), Manchac (St. John Parish), Pearl River - North of Interstate 10,  Pearl River - Between Interstate 10 and US Hwy 90 and Pearl River - South of US Hwy 90 (St. Tammany Parish), Joyce (Tangipahoa Parish), Maurepas Swamp (St. John, St. James, Ascension, Livingston and Tangipahoa Parishes), Indian Bayou - USACOE property (St. Landry and St. Martin Parishes), Atchafalaya Delta (St. Mary Parish), Pointe-aux-Chenes (Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes), Salvador (St. Charles Parish) and Pass-a-Loutre (Plaquemines Parish).

A total of 29 alligator hunting opportunities are available for bid on 13 WMAs and 2 USACOE properties.  The number of alligator tags that will be issued to successful bidders in 2013 will range from 12 to 83 tags depending on area awarded.  For specific details on the number of alligator hunter opportunities and tags available by area, please see the public notice or bid application notification. 

Interested participants may review and print out the public notice and bid application notifications and forms from LDWF’s website at www.wlf.louisiana.gov/wildlife/alligator-hunting, or request by phone at the phone numbers below, or request in writing from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 2013-2015 WMA Alligator Harvest Bids, P.O. Box 98000, Baton Rouge, La. 70898-9000.

If additional information is needed, call the appropriate LDWF office (Hammond 985-543-4777, Opelousas 337-948-0255, Monroe 318-343-4044, New Iberia 337-373-0032, New Orleans 504-284-5264) or send an email to LAalligatorprogram@wlf.la.gov.

NO guiding/outfitting activities for sport alligator hunting will be allowed while conducting alligator harvest activities on WMAs/USACOE properties.  Selected hunters will not be allowed to participate in any television or reality show production.  Any video activity must be specifically approved by the Alligator Program Manager.

An individual can apply and bid on more than one WMA/USACOE property but will only be selected for one WMA/USACOE property.  Bidders applying for more than one area must fill out individual applications for each WMA/USACOE property.  Only one winner allowed per household.

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to submit a bid:

1. Applicants must be a Louisiana resident at least 18 years of age.

2. Evidence of previous alligator hunting experience in Louisiana.

3. Ownership of or access to essential equipment for alligator hunting on the WMA/USACOE property they are bidding on.

4. Each applicant must be able to report to the WMA/USACOE property each morning until alligator tag quota is completed.

5. Ability to follow specific instructions issued by Department personnel.

6. Ability to maintain required records.

7. All applicants will be screened for past wildlife and criminal violations.  Applicants with felony convictions or with Class Two or above wildlife convictions, WMA/USACOE violations or littering within the last five years, as determined by the Enforcement Division, shall be disqualified.

Bid opening will be held at the LDWF Headquarters Building, 4th Floor Conference Room, 2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70898.  Winning bidders will be notified of selection by phone and are required to come in and sign a contract at a later date.  LDWF reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

For more information, contact Lance Campbell at 337-373-0032 or ljcampbell@wlf.la.gov.




LDWF Declares Another Victory for Louisiana Anglers in Red Snapper Regulation Battle

Release Date: 06/04/2013

Courts force feds to reconsider Louisiana’s Federal Season
June 3, 2013 – This past April, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, together with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, filed a joint lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Texas, challenging the emergency rule enacted by the National Marine Fisheries Service that would allow the NMFS regional administrator to significantly reduce the recreational red snapper season in federal waters off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. 
Last week, a judgment was rendered in favor of Louisiana and Texas that declares the emergency rule null and void. The ruling means that NMFS must recalculate the 2013 red snapper fishing season in federal waters off to be equal for all Gulf States. 
As a result of the ruling, Louisiana officials expect that additional days will be added to the current 24-day federal season, but await NMFS’ official announcement. The federal season began June 1, with a bag and possession limit of two fish per person at a 16-inch minimum total length. 
“This battle with NOAA has been a long and tedious one, but we are glad to have persevered once again for the people of Louisiana,” said LDWF Secretary Robert Barham.  “Louisiana is the Sportsman’s Paradise, and we intend to take every action necessary to make sure it remains so.  It is my sincere hope, that as we move forward we can work with officials at NMFS and NOAA to make joint decisions on what is best for the waters we know and monitor so closely.”
Judge Andrew Hanen issued a 25-page opinion that carefully studied the issues of the emergency rule that could force a shortened snapper fishing season in federal waters off Louisiana.
In his ruling, Judge Hanen contends, “The emergency rule does not change the total catch allowed.  It does not enhance the conservation of red snapper in any way. All it does is redistribute the right to fish from Texas, Louisiana and Florida fishermen to the anglers of Mississippi and Alabama.”
He goes on to say, “The only rationale, regardless as how characterizes the underlying motive, behind the Emergency Rule is that NMFS is going to penalize the anglers living in the states that enact fishing seasons that do not match the federal season and reward those that do.  The NMFS should not be in the business of penalizing state.”
“I thank Judge Hanan for his unbiased and candid opinion regarding the measures NMFS was willing to take to penalize Louisiana anglers,” said LDWF Assistant Secretary Randy Pausina.  “Our federal counterparts thought they could use this heavy-handed approach to control regulations in Louisiana waters and that we would not fight back.  They were wrong and once again we have shown that you cannot lose when science and facts are on your side.”
The weekend-only Louisiana state red snapper season will resume following the completion of the federal season, with a bag and possession limit of three fish per person at a 16-inch minimum total length.  A weekend is defined as a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of Labor Day when Monday will be considered a weekend as well. 
For a complete transcript of the 25-page ruling, click here
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant resources.  For more information, visit us at www.wlf.louisiana.gov on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ldwffb or follow us on Twitter @LDWF.
For press inquiries, contact Laura Wooderson at lwooderson@wlf.la.gov or (504)430-2623.



Louisiana Oyster Task Force Meeting

Release Date: 06/04/2013

Louisiana Oyster Task Force

The Oyster Task Force Public and Private Grounds Committee will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Friday June 7 at the UNO Advanced Technology Center, 2021 Lakeshore Drive, suite 210, New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

Friday, June 7, 9:30 A.M.

UNO Advanced Technology Center, 2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 210, New Orleans


I.  Weights and Measures



LDWF Hopes to Lure Young Anglers This Weekend

Release Date: 06/03/2013

Louisiana Saltwater Series Hosts Youth Tournament in Grand Isle

(June 3, 2013) – Don’t know where to take your kids to fish during the Department’s  annual Free Fishing Weekend?  LDWF will host its second annual Louisiana Saltwater Series Youth Tournament, on Saturday, June 8 from 7:30 a.m. to 1p.m. at Grand Isle State Park, coinciding with the state’s annual weekend event. 

For two days each spring, the Department invites people to fish Sportsman’s  Paradise without having to purchase a license.  This year’s free days will be June 8 and 9.  

Load up the car with friends, family and fishing poles and enjoy the family-oriented event which will also include fish tagging demonstrations, casting lessons, fish ageing demonstrations, cast netting, fish prints and loads of prizes. 

“It is important to introduce kids to fishing at a young age, and these educational opportunities are a great way to get kids acquainted with fishing,” said LASS Tournament Director Mandy Tumlin.  “We want to ensure that this pastime continues as an important family tradition for our children and grandchildren.”

Youth age 15 and under can participate in the tournament for a $5 entry free.  Online registration at www.lasaltwaterseries.com is encouraged, but not required.  Day-of registration will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., and the first 50 registrants will be owners of brand new fishing rods and reels, courtesy of CCA of Louisiana.

Prizes will be awarded for both live and dead categories, and all fish must be caught from the shore/pier.  Each live fish brought in will be weighed, tagged and released as part of the Department’s Louisiana Cooperative Marine Sport Fish Tagging Program. 

Fishing equipment is not provided at this event, so please remember to bring your own gear and bait. 

The entry fee also includes a hot dog lunch, compliments of local sponsors including Friends of Grand Isle and the Grand Isle Community Development Team.  Tournament sponsors also include Shimano, PowerPro, Daybrook Fisheries, Plaquemines Parish, Mercury Marine, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Standard Mapping, Faux Pas Prints, Marsh & Bayou, Swamp Swatter, Frabill, Stick It Anchor Pins and YETI Coolers. 

For more information or to register, please visit www.lasaltwaterseries.com.

The Louisiana Saltwater Series is hosted in conjunction with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation.  The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation was formed to provide a means for individuals and corporations to become partners with the Department and Commission in the challenge of conserving Louisiana's wildlife and fish resources.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant natural resources.  For more information, visit us at www.wlf.louisiana.gov on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ldwffb or follow us on Twitter @LDWF.

For more information, contact Ashley Wethey at awethey@wlf.la.gov (225) 765-2396.






Louisiana’s 11th Annual Environmental Awareness Student Art and Language Arts Contest Winners Announced

Release Date: 06/03/2013

June 3, 2013 – State winners have been announced for the 11th Annual Environmental Awareness Student Art and Language Arts Contest. This contest is sponsored by the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission (LEEC) through the generous support of the Alcoa Foundation. The Alcoa Foundation has sponsored this statewide program for the past 10 years. 

The winners were selected from 792 entries submitted by kindergarten through twelfth grade students representing ninety-four schools across the state. Students could submit entries in both art and language arts in four separate age categories. Art entries were required to be in color and participants could use a variety of media, including crayons, colored pencils, and watercolors. Language arts entries could be written as a story, reflection, creative narrative, or poetry. Entries were judged on artistic quality, creativity, and how well the piece represented this year’s theme, "Louisiana’s Natural Resources: What’s Important to You?

The Louisiana students will be honored for their winning entries at an awards reception to be held in Baton Rouge at the Governor’s Mansion on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Secretary Stephen Chustz, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, will deliver the congratulatory address and Connie Conner, LEEC past chair, will serve as master of ceremonies. 

The students’ families, teachers, and principals are invited to attend the reception. Members of the contest judging panel, the LEEC, and Alcoa Foundation representatives will be in attendance to honor these outstanding students.

Prizes awarded to the contestants include $200 for first place, $100 for second place, and $75 for third place. Winning art and language art entries will be used to create the 2014 Environmental Awareness calendar, which will be distributed statewide. Winning language arts entries will be published in newspapers and winning art entries will be placed on billboards in the winners’ local areas. 

The 11th Annual Environmental Awareness Student Art and Language Arts winners are as follows:

Language Arts Winners

Group 1 (ages 5-7)

1st Emilee King, Chesbrough Elementary School, Tangipahoa Parish

Group 2 (age 8-10)

1st  Lakin Graham, Chesbrough Elementary School, Tangipahoa Parish

2nd  Owen Brouillette, Homeschooled, West Feliciana Parish

3rd Lizzie Robert, Isidore Newman School, Jefferson Parish

Group 3 (ages 11-13)

1st  Paycen Brouillette, Homeschooled, West Feliciana Parish

2nd  Clay Knight, Lockport Middle School, Lafourche Parish

3rd  Shayley Naquin, St. Gregory Catholic School, Terrebonne Parish

Group 4 (ages 14-18)

1st  Tara Guy, Mount Hermon School, Washington Parish

2nd  Brooke Lawson, Grace King High School, Jefferson Parish

3rd  Maddy McDade, DeRidder Jr. High School, Beauregard Parish 

Special Recognition         

Michelle Lee, Episcopal High School, East Baton Rouge Parish

Art Winners

Group 1 (ages 5-7)

1st  Noah Guidroz, Port Barre Elementary School, St. Landry Parish

2nd  Levi Graham, Chesbrough Elementary School, Tangipahoa Parish

3rd  Noah Katner, Lusher Charter School, Orleans Parish

Group 2 (age 8-10)

1st  Ashini Modi, South Highlands Magnet, Caddo Parish

2nd  Anna Johnson, Isidore Newman School, Jefferson Parish

3rd  Ethan Guidroz, Lockport Upper Elementary, Lafourche Parish

Group 3 (ages 11-13)

1st  Trenece Robertson, Port Barre High School, St. Landry Parish

2nd  Kyle Miller, S. P. Arnett Middle School, Calcasieu Parish

3rd  Christian Torres, Curtis Elementary, Bossier Parish

Group 4 (ages 14-18)

1st  Tuyen Dang, Helen Cox High School, Jefferson Parish

2nd  Brenden Ledet, Bayou Blue Middle School, Lafourche Parish

3rd  Victoria-Duyen Chu, Helen Cox High School, Jefferson Parish

For more information on the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission or the Environmental Awareness Student Art and Language Arts contest, visit www.wlf.la.gov/eec or contact Juliet Raffray at 225-765-0124 or jraffray@wlf.la.gov.




Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Meeting Agenda

Release Date: 05/31/2013

The next regular Commission Meeting will be held at 9:30 AM on Thursday, June 6, 2013, at the Waddill Outdoor Education Center, 4142 North Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70814.

The following items will be discussed:

1.  Roll Call

2.  Approval of Minutes of May 2, 2013 

3.  Commission Special Announcements/Personal Privilege

4.  To Hear Enforcement & Aviation Reports/May

5.  To Hear a Presentation on the Louisiana Saltwater Series

6. To Hear an Update on the 2013 Recreational Red Snapper Season   

7. To Hear a Report on the Status of Ship Shoal Block 26 Structures

8. To Hear a Report on the Bull Redfish Kill in Breton Sound

9. To Hear Final Public Comment on Notice of Intent for Black Bass Regulations for the Atchafalaya Basin, Lake Verret, Lake Palourde, Lake Fausse Point/Lake Dauterive Complex

10.  To Hear Final Public Comment on Notice of Intent for Boundaries for D’Arbonne Lake Crappie Regulations

11. To Consider a Declaration of Emergency on Red Snapper Recreational Season Modifications

12.  To Hear a Presentation of Ducks Unlimited Canada activities with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Funding 

13.  To Hear a General Overview of the upcoming 2014 Turkey Regulations and Season Recommendations

14.  To Hear a General Overview of the upcoming 2013 Dove Season Framework

15.  Set October 2013 Meeting Date

16.  Set August 2013 Meeting Location

17.  Receive Public Comments

18.  Executive Session to Discuss Prospective Litigation relative to return of Artificial Reef Fund Monies

19.  Adjournment



LDWF Reminds Offshore Anglers of Free Required Permit

Release Date: 05/31/2013

May 31, 2013 – With the spring in full swing the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries takes this opportunity to remind anglers of the free, required offshore landing permit.  The permit is required for all anglers, including anglers not normally required to possess a recreational fishing license, possessing tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers and snappers (except gray snapper), and hinds.
As Louisiana continues to make the case for regional management and the extension of Louisiana’s red snapper season, it is more important now than ever that anglers provide LDWF biologists with this critical data that will only strengthen our fight. 
The permit is available at no cost to the public.
Get the Permit
To obtain a Recreational Offshore Landings Permit click here:  http://rolp.wlf.la.gov/Permit/Apply
Permit Reporting
Anglers who land yellowfin tuna must report that catch prior to offloading the catch.  Anglers may submit harvest reports via the website @rolp.wlf.la.gov, an iPhone or Android application, or by calling the toll-free reporting line at 877-792-3440.
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant resources.  For more information, visit us at www.wlf.louisiana.gov on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ldwffb or follow us on Twitter @LDWF.
For press inquiries, contact Laura Wooderson at lwooderson@wlf.la.gov or (504)430-2623.  For season and bag limit information, contact Jason Adriance at jadriance@wlf.la.gov or (504) 284-2032.


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