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2013 Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor Workshop

Request from Bob Mayer

The following is from Bob Mayer, past busniess manager of IHEA.  You may be interested in what he has to offer and can help.  John E. Sturgis, Hunting Heritage Coordinator 


Some of you may remember me as Business Manager of IHEA.  Presently, I buy and sell firearms, and in this capacity I have a customer that needs approximately 1300 rifles (Specs to follow) delivered on or before 10 December 2013.
This is my proposal.  If you will contact your hunter ed instructors and ask them to call all the local gun shops for this particular rifle.  I will pay 5% of the purchase price of these rifles back to the instructor that found the rifle and contacted me. Please remember that the price, at which I purchase the rifle, will probably be closer to whole sale then retail.  5% will probably be around $15 to $20
If an instructor finds this particular rifle, have them put the rifle(s) on hold, then contact me at 970-631-4133 or by e-mail co-ag-inc@msn.com with the name of the gun shop, a telephone number, and I will follow up with the purchase.  
The following is what I need and the SKU numbers must match one of the two below.
New or possibly used, if in excellent condition.
Mossberg 464, Lever action 30-30.  SKU # 41010 or 41011
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.
Thank you very much,
Bob Mayer


Treestand Instructors Workshop

There is still time to sign up for the treestand training be held at the Woodworth Education Center.  See attached flyer for details.  Contact me at jsturgis@wlf.la.gov if you would like to get on board.  Hope to see you there.         

H.E. Tools


Some of you have asked for and have used a program called HE Tools.  It is owned by a company called Huntercourse.  They have offered the latest version for use free of cost.  The program contains hunter education material that you may want to incorporate into your hunter education instructions.  The program can be downloaded if you chose to do so, just follow the attached link.   


Safe Hunting is no Accident

John E. Sturgis
Education Program Manager



Youth Hunter Education Challange

This weekend the Youth Hunter Education Challenge will be held Saturday June 1 at Camp Grant Walker near Pollock, LA.  Some 180 youth enrolled in teams from around the state will be competeing in eight different events.  If you are able to assist your help will be greatly appreciated.  Food and lodging will be provided.  For directions or any questions you may have contact me at 337/351-3835.  Set up will be afternoon of Friday 30th.                
John E. Sturgis

Tree Stand Instructor Training

I have received some feedback that the attached flyer with information for the treestand instructor training would not open with the last e-mail I sent out.  Here it is again.             

Youth Hunter Education Challange


On June 1st the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) will take place at Camp Grant Walker near Pollock, LA.  Youth from teams around the state will compete in 8 different hunter education related disciplines.  This event is a function of the Hunter Education Instructors Association and Hunter Education Staff.  If you are not already going and are able to help out your assistance will be greatly appreciated.  It takes as much help as we can get to run the 8 different stations.  Usually we will have about 120 - 150 youth involved.  Set up will take place Friday afternoon with the actual completion on Saturday June 1.  If you need further information or would like to know how you can assist I can be contacted at jsturgis@wlf.la.gov or 225/763-5448.                         

Instructor Treestand Training


The flyer I sent yesterday regarding the treestand safety instructor certification contained wrong calendar dates.  The attached flyer has the corrected dates.   

Treestand Instructor Certification Training

Instructors - We will be offering a treestand safety instructor course at the Woodworth Education Center July 25 and  26, 2013.  Overnight stay is available.  The attached flyer will provide more detailed information.  Hope to see you there! 

2013 Volunteer Hunter Education Workshop


See attached flyer with details for the upcoming Volunteer Hunter Education Workshop.  Please mark your calendar. 

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