Dealers and Retailer Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements

Dealers and retailers must keep records of the following for 3 years:

• The quantity and species of crab you purchase

• The date you purchase the crab

• The full name and license and/or permit number of the commercial fisherman, wholesale/retail dealer, or out-of-state seller from whom you purchase the crab

• The quantity and species of crab you sell and the name and license number of the person to whom you sell it

• Quantity and species of crab and the date you sell to consumers

Dealers and retailers purchasing from commercial fishermen or anyone other than a licensed wholesale/retail seafood dealer or fresh products licenseholder must report these transactions every month on LDWF-issued trip tickets, documenting information about the purchase, including what it is, where and how it was caught, sizes and quantities, etc. Commercial fishermen who sell their catch directly to consumers (fresh products licenseholders) are also required to complete and submit trip tickets with this information. Fishermen, dealers and retailers should review the accuracy of the information provided on trip tickets. This information may also be used to qualify eligibility for certain assistance programs.