Dealer and Retailer Requirements

LDWF is responsible for monitoring and managing wild crawfish; the information below applies to the sale of wild crawfish. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other agencies are responsible for farm-raised crawfish. However, farmers who plan to resell their crawfish must have the appropriate licenses from LDWF and other agencies.

Product Labeling

No product labeled “crawfish” may be sold in Louisiana unless it consists of, or is derived from, the red swamp crawfish (Procambarus clarkii), the white river crawfish (Procambarus zonangulus), or Louisiana pond-raised crawfish.

No owner or manager of a restaurant that sells imported crawfish shall misrepresent to the public, either verbally, on a menu, or on signs displayed on the premises, that the crawfish is domestic.

Recordkeeping and Reporting

Dealers and retailers must keep records of the following for 3 years:

  • The quantity and species of crawfish you purchase and the date of purchase
  • The full name and license and/or permit number of the commercial fisherman, wholesale/retail dealer, or out-of-state seller from whom you purchase the crawfish
  • The quantity and species of crawfish you sell and the name and license number of the person to whom you sell it
  • Quantity and species of crawfish and the date you sell it to consumers

Dealers and retailers purchasing from commercial fishermen or anyone other than a licensed wholesale/retail seafood dealer or fresh products licenseholder must report these transactions every month on LDWF-issued trip tickets, documenting information about the purchase, including what it is, where and how it was caught, sizes, quantities, etc. Commercial fishermen who sell their catch directly to consumers (fresh products licenseholders) must also complete and submit trip tickets. For details, call 225.765.2371.


You must mark all vehicles used to transport seafood with the name and address of your company. You must also plainly mark all shipments containing seafood and attach records, tags, or certificates showing your name and the receiver’s name, an itemized statement of the number of pounds of seafood, and the names of each kind or species of seafood in the shipment.