Finfish Task Force Members



Governor's designee (non-voting)

Adam Eitmann

LDWF Fisheries Biologist (non-voting)

Jason Adriance

LDWF Enforcement Agent (non-voting)

Major Chad Hebert

LDWF Economist (non-voting)

Dr. Jack Isaacs

Commissioner of LDAF or designee (non-voting)

John S. Walther

Secretary of DHH or designee (non-voting)

Lance E. Broussard

Commercial Fisherman - LSA Nominee

Douglas A. Olander

Commercial Fisherman - ALTERNATE - LSA Nominee

Wayne A Rollo

Commercial Fisherman - ALTERNATE - LSA Nomine

Daryl Simon

Commercial Fisherman - Delta Nominee

Ronald J. Pierce

Commercial Fisherman - Delta Nominee

Acy Cooper, III

Finfish Dock Buyer

Daniel A Edgar

Recreational Fisherman - CCA Nominee

George Huye

Recreational Fisherman - CCA Nominee

Benjamin Graham

Recreational Fisherman - ALTERNATE - CCA Nominee

Adam Guillory

Recreational Fisherman - ALTERNATE - CCA Nominee

Stuart F. Billeaud

Recreational Fisherman - B.A.S.S. Nominee

Houston Eugene Hoover

Recreational Fisherman - ALTERNATE - B.A.S.S. Nominee

Steve Rockwieler

Senate Appointment

Senator Robert "Bret" Allain, II

House of Representatives Appointment

Representative John Stefanski

For more information about the Louisiana Finfish Task Force, contact Allison West at or 504-286-8739.