LDWF Mississippi Delta - reopening line for shrimp, finfish and crab commercial fishing.

Commercial fishing has been re-opened in that portion of state inside and outside territorial waters seaward of a line beginning at Pass a Loutre, at:

29o12’35”N 89o01’05”W, going south to
29o11’35”N 89o01’10”W, then west southwest to
29o11’10”N 89o02’00”W, then west southwest to
29o11’00”N 89o02’25”W, then south southwest to
29o08’55”N 89o06’15”W, then east southeast to
29o08’15”N 89o02’10”W, then south southwest to
29o04’50”N 89o04’10”W, then north northwest to
29o06’00”N 89o06’00”W, then south southwest to
28o59’35”N 89o08’00”W, then south southwest to
28o59’15”N 89o08’15”W, then south southwest to
28o58’20”N 89o10’00”W, then north northwest to
29o02’40”N 89o16’20”W, then south southwest to
28o54’40”N 89o25’00’W at Southwest Pass

This also includes those waters within:

North Pass west of 89o01’05”W,
Pass a Loutre west of 89o02’00”W,
Northeast Pass west of 89o02’10”W,
Southeast Pass west of 89o04’10”W,
South Pass west of 89o08’00”W and
Southwest Pass east of 89o25’00”W

Please see the provided map for additional information.