Live Bait Shrimp

To commercially harvest live shrimp and croaker for bait you must have a Special Bait Dealers Permit, which allows you to harvest shrimp for bait at any time. The requirements for this permit include:

  • A permit application and fee
  • $1,000 cash bond, which will be forfeited if anyone associated with the permit violates any of the permit requirements or any commercial fishing laws and regulations
  • Background check for previous wildlife or fisheries violations
  • Inspection of live bait holding facilities (both onshore and on vessel)
  • Proper signage on the vessel identifying that the vessel is working under the bait permit
  • Public notice that live bait is available
  • Use of an approved, fully operational vessel monitoring system onboard the vessel
  • Record-keeping and reporting

You may only use the following gear under this permit:

  • One trawl no more than 25 feet along the cork line and 33 feet along the leadline
  • Two skimmer nets not to exceed maximum legal size. ‚Ä®For more information, click here.