Louisiana Catch and Cook Program

Louisiana Catch and Cook Program

Nothing wraps up a long day on the water better than the smell of fish sizzling on the grill, but not all anglers prefer to cook their own catch. So, why not leave it to the professionals?

Welcome to the Louisiana Catch and Cook Program and Permit, a program that brings together the recreational sport fishing and restaurant industries to allow anglers the opportunity to enjoy dining on their catch-of-the-day, prepared by a professional chef, only hours after coming off the water.

One of the biggest barriers for those new to fishing or out-of-town anglers is what to do with their catch after a fishing trip. Permitted establishments can now prepare and serve fish caught by licensed fishermen.

Any retail food establishment wishing to participate in the program can apply to be issued a free permit by the department. Participating restaurants may charge the guest any amount they chose for preparing the item.

Please contact permitted restaurants well in advance of your scheduled fishing trip to make arrangements.

Participant Rules:

  1. Have the recreational angler who brings the fish in for preparation sign an assumption of risk form. The completed, dated and signed form should be maintained at the food establishment for a period of time no less than 90 days.
  2. The restaurant should provide the completed forms to state health officers upon request.
  3. The restaurant should receive only fish that have been cleaned, filleted, placed in clean, food-grade single-service packaging and properly refrigerated.
  4. The restaurant should inspect the fish for freshness and proper receiving temperature.
  5. The fish should be properly labeled with the date, time and name of the recreational angler.
  6. The restaurant should store, prepare and otherwise handle the fish separately from products being prepared for and served to the general public.
  7. The restaurant should store, prepare and others handle the fish in compliance with provisions of the state Sanitary Code.
  8. The restaurant should prepare and serve the fish to the recreational angler or any person in his party within four hours of the receipt of the fish.
  9. Containers, preparation tables, cutting boards, utensils and other food preparation equipment used to prepare and serve the fish should be properly cleaned and sanitized in accordance with provisions of the state Sanitary Code prior to use preparing foods to serve to the general public.
  10. The fish should be served directly to the recreational anglers or individuals in his party immediately upon the completion of cooking and should not be served to the general public.

Application and Resources are available at: http://catchandcook.wlf.la.gov