Methods of Recreationally Taking Freshwater Fish

Freshwater and saltwater recreational fish may be taken by means of rod, fishing pole, hook and line, trolling line, handline, bait casting, fly casting apparatus, crawfish nets, by use of the devices known as yoyos or trigger devices, bow and arrow, recreational hoop nets, recreational wire nets, recreational slat traps, standard spearing equipment used by a skin diver sport fishing in saltwater or fresh water when submerged in the water, recreational pipes, recreational buckets, recreational drums, recreational tires and recreational cans, and by no other means except a barbless spear or a multi-pronged barbed gig that may be used in saltwater for taking flounder. NOTE: Certain species of game fish may not be taken with some gear listed above. Crossbows are not a legal method.

No person shall take or possess fish taken by means of spears, poisons, stupefying substances or devices, explosives, guns, tree-topping devices, electricity or any instrument or device capable of producing an electric current used in shocking said fish. No person shall take or possess recreational fish taken by means of snagging devices, not including bow and arrow. Catfish may be taken by means of snagging devices. Paddlefish, commonly called spoonbill catfish, are not catfish and cannot be legally harvested by means of snagging. Garfish may be taken by means of spears and bows and arrows. It shall be unlawful to possess any of the prohibited instruments, weapons, substances or devices set out hereinabove with the intent to take fish. Minnows, crawfish, shrimp and other legal bait species, not including game fish, may be taken with legal cast nets, minnow traps, dip nets and bait seines when taken in compliance with all other laws. Legal bait species may be taken with bait seines with a maximum mesh size not exceeding one-quarter inch mesh bar, one-half inch mesh stretched and thirty feet in length. Bait seines must be operated on foot and solely by hand, without any pulley, mechanical device or mechanical assistance whatsoever. Dip nets may not exceed three feet in diameter and must be operated solely by hand, by no more than one person and without any mechanical assistance whatsoever.

Bream (Lepomis spp.) may not be taken as bait for sportfishing purposes in any form of trap except at Toledo Bend Reservoir, where a minnow trap not exceeding 24 inches in length and having a throat no larger than one inch by three inches may be used to take bream for non-commercial bait purposes.

Skin divers fishing for recreational purposes in fresh water, when submerged in the water and using standard spearing equipment, any person using a bow and arrow or any person using or possessing nets or traps, including recreational hoop nets, recreational slat traps, recreational pipes, recreational buckets,