Oyster Maps



Public Seed Grounds and Cultch Plants 


                  Breton Sound                              Bay Gardene                                  Hackberry Bay 


                   Little Lake                                       Barataria Bay                                Lake Felicity


                    Lake Chien                                      Lake Tambour                            Deep Lake


                   Sister Lake                                         Lake Mechant                             Bay Junop 


                  Vermilion/East                                    Lake Calcasieu                           Sabine Lake


LDWF Interactive Map Instructions

LDWF’s ARcGIS maps provide a wealth of information on a single map interface.  We have attempted to predefine the most widely used maps and have provided links to those above. 

If you would like to customize any of these maps for your own purpose, we have assembled a few instructions below.  We encourage you to use any of the features available to better understand our fisheries.

  1. To access additional map components (layers) click on ‘Content’ at the top right, then ‘Fisheries Web Map’.  There will be a list of layer categories (‘General’, ‘DHH’, ‘Oyster’, ‘Shrimp’ and ‘Trip Tickets’).  Click on any of these words to turn on the features that you would like visible on your map by clicking the check box next to each.
  2. Use the + and – button to zoom in and out.  In many cases the layer you turned on won’t be visible until you zoom out.
  3. Click on the word ‘Legend’ to understand what the colors of each boundary designate.
  4. To change the background of the map, choose ‘Basemap’ and select a new map type.