Buyers, Sellers, and Shippers

These regulations apply to native lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, salamanders, and related species. They do not apply to alligators.

Licenses and Fees

To buy, acquire, or handle any native reptiles or amphibians in Louisiana for resale, you must have a Reptile and Amphibian Wholesale/Retail Dealer’s License ($105 resident, $405 nonresident). You must also have this license to sell these species if they are reared in captivity, regardless of the number of generations removed from the wild. Nonresidents may instead purchase a Three-Day Reptile and Amphibian Wholesale/Retail Dealer’s License, which is valid for three consecutive days, for $75.

Operators of commercial transport vehicles, except common carriers, who load, unload, or transport reptiles or amphibians must have one of the following:

  • Collector’s or Wholesale/Retail Dealer’s License
  • Reptile and Amphibian Transport License* ($20 per vehicle/residents, $120 per vehicle/nonresidents; transferable between vehicles. You may only purchase if you hold a Reptile and Amphibian Collector’s or Wholesale/Retail Dealer’s License. Transport licenseholders may not buy or sell reptiles or amphibians, unless they’re purchasing reptiles and amphibians on behalf of the dealer to whom the transport license was issued and they’re transporting the purchase back to them.)

Licensed wholesale/retail seafood dealers are exempt from the above licenses but still must have a Collector’s License.

To apply for LDWF-issued licenses, contact 225-765-2898 or visit LDWF’s Headquarters at 2000 Quail Drive in Baton Rouge. Renew your licenses online at

Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

Dealers and retailers must keep records of the following for 3 years:

  • Quantity and species of reptiles and amphibians acquired, date acquired, and name and license number of the collector, wholesale/retail dealer, or out-of-state seller from which they were acquired.
  • Quantity and species of reptiles or amphibians sold, date sold, and name and license number of the person to whom they were sold. If selling to the consumer, records must indicate quantity, species, and date and state that they were sold to the consumer.

When purchasing reptiles and/or amphibians, dealers and retailers must give one part of a three-part receipt to the collector at the time of sale, retain one part, and submit one part to LDWF.

Shipping Requirements

You must plainly mark shipments containing reptiles or amphibians. Tags or certificates must show the names of the buyer and the seller and itemize each species in the shipment.

Bills of lading issued by a common carrier for these shipments must state the number of packages that contain reptiles or amphibians.

Out-of-state shipments of reptiles or amphibians ordinarily used for human consumption must be registered and inspected at some port of exit (unless shipped by a common carrier).