These regulations apply to native lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, salamanders, and related species. They do not apply to alligators.

Legal Collection Methods

You may not remove nests or animals tending their nests.

You must mark any trap or other capture device with your name, address, and license number if you leave it unattended.

You must check traps and other capture devices daily.

Turtle traps:

  • You must place them in a way that leaves enough area above the waterline for turtles to breathe.
  • You must mark them with the words “turtle trap”.
  • They must have one or more horizontal throat.
  • You may not possess finfish while turtle trapping.

You may not use any trap or net to harvest diamondback terrapins.

You may not use gasoline to flush animals from hiding places.

You may not destroy natural habitat such as logs and rocks while searching for animals.

You may take frogs using any visible light and mechanical devices known as frog catchers or with devices that puncture the skin such as gigs and spears. You may not carry a firearm while hunting/taking frogs at night.


You may harvest bullfrogs and pig frogs/grunters year-round, except during the statewide closed season in April and May.

You may not take diamondback terrapins from April 15 to June 15.

Size/Possession Limits

Bullfrogs: must be 5 inches in length or larger*

Pig frogs/grunters: must be 3 inches in length or larger*

*For frogs, measure length from the tip of the muzzle to the posterior end of the body between the hind legs.

With a special permit, the owner or authorized representative of a privately-owned pond or other waterbody may take frogs under the legal length from his privately-owned pond or waterbody and sell them for the purpose of stocking ponds or waters.

Diamondback terrapins: must measure at least 6 inches in length on the plastron (bottom shell plate).

Green anoles: must be 1 and 3/4 inches snout-vent length or larger or 5 inches overall length or larger

Turtle eggs: You may not harvest turtle eggs, except for those of the red-eared slider.

Restricted Areas

You may not collect reptiles and amphibians for commercial purposes from any Wildlife Management Area (WMA) or state wildlife refuge.

Prohibited Species

You may not harvest alligator snapping turtles or box turtles for commercial purposes.

You may not harvest any of the following species from the wild for any purpose in Louisiana:

Tiger salamander Kemp's ridley sea turtle
Southern red backed salamander Leatherback sea turtle
Webster's salamander Loggerhead sea turtle
Mud salamander Gopher tortoise
Red salamander Ringed sawback turtle
Green sea turtle Dusky gopher frog
Hawksbill sea turtle Black pine snake
Louisiana pine snake Eastern diamondback rattlesnake