Seismic Exploration Activity Program

Public Notices

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries requires the following information in order process applications to permit seismic exploration activity in the state of Louisiana. LDWF regulations pertaining to seismic exploration are contained in LAC 76:I.301 of the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC).

Historical Note: The Seismic program was created in 1939 specifically to protect oysters, fish, shrimp, and other wildlife from injury due to seismic exploration. The section continues to monitor these activities and develop new ways to reduce impact.

Required Submissions:

1. The company must first request for a permit in writing from the LDWF Seismic Section.

2. The seismic company must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.

3. The seismic company must furnish the Department with a surety bond of $75,000 from a bonding company licensed to do business in the state of Louisiana.

4. The seismic company must also sign a "Conditions of Letter of Permission to Conduct Seismic Activity in the State of Louisiana" form which will be provided to the company by the Department.

If the Department grants a permit, there are other steps that must be taken before seismic activity can begin. The seismic company must request a Natural Heritage review from the Department as indicated in LAC 76:I.301.B.4, and complete a Notification of Beginning of Seismic Exploration form. The seismic company is also required to hold a public meeting prior to beginning work. Notice of this public meeting must be advertised in the parish paper of record for at least 30 days.

Additional forms required by the Department for Seismic Exploration Activity.

Continuing Seismic Exploration Insurance Bond
Natural Heritage Approval/Notification
Notification of Beginning of Seismic Exploration
Payment Information Form
Daily Report Form


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