Hunting in Louisiana Black Bear Country


While enjoying sportsman’s paradise, there are certain areas of the state one could expect an encounter with a Louisiana black bear.  The following are tips for hunter’s and avid outdoorsman while visiting bear habitat:

  • Don’t bait with corn
  • Planting food plots is a better alternative than bait

Although a favorite bait for deer hunters in Louisiana is corn, unfortunately it is also one of a black bears favorite food. A simple solution to rectify this is to use alternative bait such as soybeans or remove all bait. Remember A BEAR EATING CORN IN THE WOODS IS NOT A NUISANCE BEAR.

  • Don’t confuse curiosity with aggression


Bears are extremely curious. Hunters need to remember that they are often concealed and bears don’t see very well.  In situations like this… it is likely the bear doesn’t know it is a human up in the tree.  






  • Use Bear spray to deter curious bears
  • Remember deer are not normal prey for bears


Louisiana bears are not generally predatory and deer are NOT a normal prey item for a bear.  The productive Louisiana habitat usually provides more than enough food for bears, therefore they don’t have to resort to chasing down deer. Consequently, deer aren’t overly concerned about bears as you can see by this picture. Also note the raccoon in the foreground.









  • Do not dispose of gut piles near hunting camps.
  • Hang a deer carcass over braches well off of the ground.
  • Hang ATV seats out of reach of bears

Black Bear Deterrent

application/pdf icon Black Bear Deterrent