Home Study Format

Students pursing Hunter Education Certification via the home study format must first complete the approved online course. The online course is an interactive course that consists of reading material with a narration option, graphics, animations and videos. Each section concludes with a quiz that must be passed before moving onto the next section. After completing all sections there is a final test. Upon passing the final test, the student can print a “voucher” or certificate that acknowledges successful completion of the online course portion of the home study format. 

Upon successful completion of the online course and printing of the voucher, students must attend a 5-hour field day course. Field day courses are usually taught on weekends or weekday evenings. Field day courses cover a review of the online material, hands-on exercises, live-fire exercise and a final written test.  Students in the home study format must complete both the online course and field-day course to receive Hunter Education Certification.

There is no charge for the field day course. However effective July 1, 2019, the fee will increase from $17.95 to $19.95 per student charge to take the online course portion of the home study format. Students will pay at the time of registration for the online course. Students should access the online course through this website to ensure they are taking the approved online course.

Click here to view the field day schedule or register for a field day visit.