Lottery Hunts

LDWF’s wildlife management areas offer lottery hunts for youth hunters, physically challenged hunters, disabled veterans, and the general public to hunt alligator, deer, dove, turkey, and waterfowl. There are also lotteries for hunts and fishing/boating permits at White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area.

Apply for a Lottery

Applications for lottery hunts are available online typically around the following periods:

Lottery Approximate Availability
Start End
Turkey (Youth and General) December 30 February 9
Alligator WMA/Public Lands May 1 June 30
Elbow Slough Dove June 15 July 31
Deer (Youth, Camp Beauregard Disabled Veteran, Floy McElroy and Sabine Physically Challenged Hunter) July 15 August 31
Waterfowl (Youth, Sherburne General and Disabled Veteran, Bayou Pierre) July 15 September 30

Preference System for Lottery Hunts

There is a preference system for lottery hunts to provide unsuccessful applicants from the previous year and new applicants a better chance of being selected for a lottery hunt. Applications are assigned the following weights based on previous years’ outcomes and then selected at random:

  • 1 for a successful or group applicant
  • 2 for a new applicant
  • 3 for an unsuccessful applicant from last year
  • 4 for an unsuccessful applicant for the past two years
  • 5 for an unsuccessful applicant for the past three years
  • 6 for an unsuccessful application for the past four years.