Research Projects

The importance of continued research in waterfowl ecology and management cannot be overstated. Our waterfowl resources are highly dynamic, with populations changing from year to year in response primarily to changing hydrology and land-use which affect habitat quality in both breeding and wintering areas. They are also highly mobile, and consequently, their distribution may change within a season related to weather, managed flooding, or hunting pressure. There are always questions needing answers to help us best use our time, effort, and money to most benefit waterfowl and maximize the benefits they provide to our sportsmen and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Waterfowl Program typically supports research projects as a partner in a multi-organizational effort. By providing financial support, vehicles, aircraft, personnel, lodging, or equipment, Program personnel assist with finding answers to questions that often help us better manage our waterfowl resources. Research projects also offer opportunities to train and assess young biologists who will provide their knowledge, skills, and unique views to our future waterfowl management.