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What is a Migratory Bird Preservation Facility?

Migratory Bird Preservation Facilities are any person, taxidermist, cold storage facility or locker plant, or hunting club which receives, possesses, or is in custody of any migratory game birds belonging to another person for purposes of picking, cleaning, freezing, processing, storage, or shipment. In order to operate a Migratory Bird Preservation Facility, the facility must (1) ensure incoming birds are properly tagged, (2) keep an accurate record of transactions [both incoming and outgoing], and (3) allow for the inspection of their premises.


Properly Tagging

Upon facilities receiving (and distributing) migratory birds, birds must have tagged attached that is:
  • signed by the hunter
  • stating his/her address,
  • and includes the total number and species of birds harvested,
  • and the date in which the birds were harvested.

Record Keeping

Facilities must maintain accurate records of and be able to identify every bird received by or in custody of the facility by the name of the person from whom the birds were obtained. Required elements:
  • the number of each species obtained,
  • the location from where the birds were taken,
  • dates in which they were received,
  • name and address of whom the birds were received from,
  • date such bird were disposed of,
  • and the name and address of the person to whom the birds were delivered.


Inspection of Premises

Facilities shall not prevent any authorized enforcement person from entering, and inspecting the premises and records of such facilities at all reasonable hours.

Other Important Rules

Transportation of Birds of Another

No person shall transport migratory game birds belonging to another person unless such birds are properly tagged.

Custody of Birds of Another

No person shall receive or have in custody any migratory game birds belonging to another person unless such birds are properly tagged.

Species Identification Requirement

No person shall transport within the United States any migratory game birds, except doves and band-tailed pigeons, unless the head or one fully feathered wing remains attached to each such bird at all times while being transported from the place where taken until they have arrived at the personal abode of the possessor or a migratory bird preservation facility.

Hunting Clubs and Record Keeping

Record keeping as described in the Record Keeping section of this pamphlet is not necessary for hunting clubs which do not fully process migratory birds by removal of both the head and wings.