Migratory and Waterfowl Seasons

2014-2015 Migratory Game Birds Hunting Seasons

Season Dates Daily Bag Limit Possession Limit
Rails  Sept. 13-28; Second split TBA King and Clapper  Sora and Virginia  King and Clapper  Sora and Virginia 
 15 in the aggregate 25 in the aggregate 45 in the aggregate 75 in the aggregate 
Gallinules  Sept. 13-28; Second split TBA 15 45
Snipe  West Zone East-Coastal  



TBA 8 24
Woodcock  Dec. 18- Jan. 31 3 9
Teal (Blue-winged, Green-winged and Cinnamon only)  Sept. 13-28 6 18
Mourning, White-winged, fully dressed Eurasian Collared and Ringed-turtle Doves  North Zone South Zone 15 in the aggregate  45 in the aggregate

Sept. 6-28, Oct. 11 - Nov. 9 and Dec. 10 - Jan. 15

Sept. 6-14, Oct. 11 - Dec. 3 and Dec. 20- Jan. 15

Ducks, Coots and Mergansers  West Zone East Zone Coastal Zone

Ducks 6

Coots 15

Mergansers 5

three times the daily bag limit





Youth Waterfowl Hunts  TBA TBA TBA Same as regular season Same as regular season
Light Geese (Snow, Blue, Ross') 







TBA 20 No possession limit
White-fronted Geese (Specklebelly)  2 6 possession limit
Canada Goose 



TBA          3 dark geese        9 possession limit
1 daily in aggregatewith White-fronts 

*TBA - To be announced

Extended Falconry Season

Extended falconry mourning dove season would open from Sept. 16 - Oct. 1. Extended falconry woodcock season would open from Oct. 28 - Dec. 17 and will reopen from Feb. 1-11. The falconry daily bag limit would be three and possession limit of six birds for all permitted migratory game birds during the extended falconry and regular hunting seasons. Extended falconry seasons for ducks, rails and gallinules to be announced in August.