Louisiana Crab Task Force Membership

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Voting Members

Crab Dealers or Processors (4 authorized)

1. Eric Blanchard

2. LaQuita Meek

3. Chalin Delaune

4.  Sheb Callahan

Soft Shell Crab Producers (2 authorized)

1.  Trudy Luke

2. Pete Gerica                     

Commercial Hard Crab Fishermen (7 authorized)

1.  Dannon Lacoste

2. Warren Delacroix

3. Alphonse Cassagne

4. Rodney Parfait


6.  Britney Breaux

7. George Jackson

Nonvoting Members

LSU Sea Grant Biologist

            Dr. Julie A. Lively        

University Marine Biologist


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Marine Biologist

            Peyton Cagle

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Economist

            Dr. Jack Isaacs

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement

            Major Edward Skena

LSU Sea Grant Attorney

            Melissa Trosclair Daigle        

LSU Fisheries Economist


For more information about the Louisiana Crab Task Force, contact Allison West at awest@wlf.la.gov or 504-286-8739.