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Report Invasive Aquatic Vegetation

Invasive aquatic plants spread rapidly, threatening the diversity and abundance of native plant species as well as the ecological balance of lakes and ponds. In addition to reducing the habitat quality for aquatic life, invasive species can limit recreational use of waterbodies for activities like boating, fishing, hunting and swimming. They can also pose serious health and safety risks. Invasive aquatic plants are aggressive and can be very difficult to control, which is why it is important to detect them early and implement a management program before they have a chance to dominate a system. If they are detected early, LDWF can quickly implement selective, small-scale treatments to control or eliminate the invasive species.

You can help LDWF control undesired aquatic vegetation on Lake Bistineau by reporting sightings of invasive aquatic plants on the lake. Simply use the form below. This form will be available through December 31, 2018. If you have any issues with this form, please call 225-765-2328 or email

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