Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime licenses are available by mail or at the Baton Rouge office only. Applicants are required to have lived in Louisiana for the immediate six (6)months prior to making application to qualify for resident rates.

Resident applicants must provide a copy of a valid Louisiana driver's license and one of the following:

  • Current voter's registration card
  • Louisiana vehicle registration in your name
  • Copy of 2 immediate previous years Louisiana Tax return marked "received" by Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation.

A certified original birth certificate from Department of Health must accompany all applications for those under the age of 18 and a copy of both parent's driver license. Birth certificates will not be returned.

Lifetime hunting and lifetime combination hunting and fishing licenses include basic hunting, big game hunting, muzzleloader, bow hunting, state duck license, turkey license, and WMA Hunting Permit.

Lifetime fishing includes freshwater and saltwater.


Lifetime gear licenses are available for 10 times annual fee.

Did you Know?

 Next time you renew your Driver’s license at the Office of Motor Vehicles, you can add the following endorsements to your  license; Lifetime Hunting, Lifetime Fishing,  Lifetime Combination, Boater Education and Hunter Education.