Recreational Fishing Licenses

Recreational fishing and hunting licenses may be purchased online with the E-License option.  The E-License can be printed using your own printer for immediate use or save the PDF of licenses purchased to the electronic device you take with you .or by telephone using Visa or MasterCard. Call toll free 1-888-765-2602. An authorization number for immediate use will be provided and licenses will be mailed to the licensee.  A SERVICE FEE IS CHARGED.

Recreational Licenses that are purchased via mobile device- (Smart phone, Laptop, Tablet, etc.) will not receive a license in the mail.  You will receive a text with a temporary authorization number, and an e-mail with the temporary authorization number and a PDF of your licenses which can be saved and printed.  

Persons taking fish, whether recreationally or commercially, and persons involved in the fish industry, including wholesale/retail dealers and transporters, and vessels involved in the fish industry must be licensed.

All recreational licenses are valid from the date of purchase and expire on June 30 each year. In addition to other bona fide residency requirements, a Louisiana Driver's License or Louisiana ID Card issued by the Department of Public Safety is required to purchase resident recreational hunting and fishing licenses.

Title 56, Section 302.1.C.(1) requires that all recreational anglers fishing south of the "saltwater line" for saltwater species have in their possession a Louisiana saltwater angler's license IN ADDITION TO a basic Louisiana fishing license EXCEPT those persons otherwise exempted. All regulations apply regardless of where the fish is taken.

A recreational fisherman must purchase and have in possession a valid basic recreational fishing license to possess fish in Louisiana waters or to use the following:

  1. Bow and arrow
  2. A barbed or barbless spear
  3. Frog gig/catcher
  4. Scuba Gear
  5. Hook & line (trot line)
  6. Cast net with a radius not to exceed 8 ft. 6 in.
  7. Rod and reel

Persons who obtain resident licenses when not complying with the bona fide residency requirements as stated in the definition section will be subject to criminal and/or civil sanctions.

Resident Recreational Fishing Fees
Hook and Line (cane pole)  $2.50  
Basic Fishing  $9.50  
Saltwater License (Basic Fishing required)  $13.00  
Senior Fish/Hunt 1 $5.00  
Charter Passenger License (3-day) 2 $10.00  
LA Sportsman's Paradise License $100.00  
LA Disabled Basic Fishing 4 $2.50  
LA Disabled Saltwater 4 $2.50  
Recreational Offshore Landing Permit Free  
Non-Resident (NR) Recreational Fishing Fees
Basic Fishing Season  $60.00  
Basic Fish Trip - 1 day  $5.00  
Saltwater Season  $30.00  
Saltwater Trip - 1 day 5 $17.50  
Charter Passenger (3-day) 2 $10.00  
Charter Skiff (3-day) 6 $30.00  
Military Recreational Fishing Fees
Resident/NR Military Basic Fishing  $9.50  
Resident/NR Military Saltwater  $5.50  
Resident Non-Active LA National Guard Fish/Hunt  $50.00  
Res/Native Retired Military Hunt/Fish  $5.00  
Res/Surviving Spouse Military Killed in Action Fish  $2.50  
Recreational Fishing Gear Fees
Crab Traps (limit 10)  $15 $60
Slat Traps (limit 5)  $20 $80
Trawls - up to 16 feet  $25 $100
Trawls - 16 feet to 25 feet  $80 $320
Oyster Tong (per tong)  $5 $20
Crawfish Traps (limit 35)  $15 $60
Pipes/Drums (limit 5)  $10 $40
Cans/Buckets (limit 5)  $10 $40
Wire Nets (limit 5) 7 $20 $80
Hoop Nets (limit 5) 7 $20 $80
Lifetime License Fees
Lifetime Fishing - age 5-13  $200  
Lifetime Fishing - age 14 and up  $300  
Lifetime Hunt/Fish - age 0-4  $200  
Lifetime Hunt/Fish - age 5-13  $300  
Lifetime Hunt/Fish - age 14 and up  $500  
NR Lifetime Hunt/Fish  $3,000  
Lifetime Resident Senior Hunt/Fish (60 or older)  $50  
Lifetime Fishing Gear  10 times annual fee per gear type   


1 Senior Fish/Hunt License: Any resident who turned 60 years of age on or after June 1, 2000 must obtain a senior fishing/hunting license to hunt or fish. This license is in lieu of basic and saltwater fishing, basic hunting, big game, bow, primitive firearms, LA duck license, turkey stamp and WMA hunting permit. It does not include special gear such as trawls, crab traps, crawfish traps, hoop nets, etc. 
2 Persons who fish from a charter vessel in saltwater areas of the state, with a licensed guide on board at all times, may possess a Charter Passenger License at a cost of $10.00 that is valid for 3 consecutive days. 
3 Sportsman’s Paradise License: Includes Basic and Saltwater Fishing, Basic and Big Game Hunting, Bow, Primitive Firearms, Turkey, LA Duck and WMA Hunting Permit, and all recreational gear licenses (EXCEPT recreational trawls greater than 16 feet in length). 
4 LA Disabled Fishing and Saltwater: See page 6. 
5 All inclusive. No other license required. 
6 Non-residents fishing under the direction of a charter operation in a licensed charter skiff in saltwater areas of the state may possess a non-resident charter skiff 3-day license at a cost of $30.00 and shall be valid for three consecutive days.