Louisiana Bass Tournament Program

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What is the Louisiana Bass Tournament Program?

The Bass Tournament Program is an organized method of collecting and compiling Bass Tournament Data. Tournament organizers share their results with LDWF staff through use of a standardized report card. Data is compiled and is made available via the internet. Anglers can view this information annually to see how bass fisheries compare throughout the state. Also, the report card will provide other interesting facts such as total number of fish caught per tournament, limits caught, number of bass over 5 pounds, and tournament locations just to name a few. 

Who can participate in the Louisiana Bass Tournament Program?

Anyone that hosts a bass tournament on Louisiana’s waters can participate.

How does this help the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries?

Data compiled from your Bass Tournament Report Card will be used to describe the condition of bass populations in tournament waters.  The combined data set will be used for considerations that guide management decisions. 

How does this benefit the angler?

With so many tournaments going on year round, this information will help directors choose tournament locations more efficiently. Also, this information is very useful for the anglers that may not get to enjoy fishing as much as others. The compiled data will help guide them to the best bass fishing areas.

How do I get started?

Contact Chase Chatelain by email: cchatelain@wlf.la.govor by phone 318.748.6914 to get report cards. After the card is filled out, the information can be entered online (link here), emailed to cchatelain@wlf.la.gov, or be mailed to:

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Attn: Chase Chatelain

10 Joan Stokes, Rd.

Forest Hill, LA 71430