Louisiana Black Bear Exclusion Devices

Physical and psychological barriers can eliminate some on-going bear problems and offer immediate relief from bear conflicts. Barriers are a viable option for controlling bear-caused damage when they are economically and technically feasible to implement.  Some of the most effective and practical barriers are electric fences, unwelcome mats, and bear proof ice chests.

Electric Fencing

Hunting property located adjacent to Tensas National Wildlife Refuge.

The same kind of electric fencing used for live stock is the appropriate voltage to use for bear barrier devices. This type of exclusion device is used to keep bears away from both the feeder and food plot.

The electric wire is flagged in order to allow deer to see the fencing easily.  It has been reported that deer in the area quickly learned how  to jump over the fence and have access to the food plot.



Deer Feeder Unprotected by Electric Fencing                 Installing Electric Fence Around Bee Hives


Unwelcome Mats


A relatively cheap and inexpensive way to deter bears from investigating structures that are not used by humans as a permanent residence are unwelcome mats. This is a simple design consisting of boards with upward pointing nails. These devices can be placed in front of doors or windows, discouraging bears from attempting to enter the dwelling.  Properly done, a low-voltage, electrified unwelcome mat can deliver a quick non-lethal shock when the bear steps onto the mat.  Unwelcome mat instructions


Bear Proof Ice Chests


Coolers and Ice chests left unattended can fall victim to a black bear. Devices such as the one pictured can be made to prevent animals from entry.

Additionally certain brands of coolers are manufactured and advertised as bear proof.