Louisiana Blue Crab Task Force



Callinectes sapidus

Blue Crabs are an important species in the Gulf Coast area, and a majority of the catch comes from Louisiana.In 2009, almost 53 million pounds were caught by commercial fishermen in Louisiana alone. They can be found all over the Louisiana coast, and live in a wide range of fresh to salt water. The females migrate toward saltier water (near the beaches) to release eggs, while the males and juvenile crabs are found mostly inshore in the bays and estuaries. The large expanse of estuarine marsh provides an ideal habitat for the blue crab.
Blue crabs are highly productive, short-lived and fast growing. A stock assessment was completed in 2011 stating that the blue crab is not overfished. The fishery operates the entire year but typically has the highest landings from May through August, and the lowest landings in February and March.

Carl Britt, Biologist Manager

cbritt@wlf.la.gov, 985-882-0027