Mandatory Oyster Harvester Training

Beginning in license year 2017, ALL oyster harvesters must complete online oyster harvester training BEFORE applying for a 2017 license. Harvesters are required to take this training every three years. Click the Oyster Harvester Training button below to access the program.

Instructions: Enter your first name, last name, email (optional), last four digits of your social security number, and Commercial Fisherman’s License number. Watch the video and answer a minimum of 80% of the questions correctly to pass (takes about 1 hour). A certificate of completion will be sent to your email and logged with LDWF.

It takes 24 to 48 hours for the system to update, so be sure to finish the video at least three days before you try to apply for a license. If you don’t have a computer with internet connection at home, try your local public library.

Questions about this program? Please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I able to take the course more than once if I don’t pass?
A: Yes. There are no limits on the amount of times a license applicant may attempt the test.

Q: Can I take the course on a mobile device?
A: Yes. You are able to take the course on a mobile device, but the completion certificate might not be viewable on devices running IOS or macOS (Mac, iPhone, & iPad).

Q: I don’t own a computer, may I take the course on someone else’s computer?
A: Yes. A license applicant may use any computer as long as their personal information is entered when logging into the course so they get credit for completing the course.

Q: Can someone help me take the course?
A: Yes, assistance is allowed, but the license applicant must enter their information when logging into the course and they must answer the questions.

Q: Can I close a testing session and pick up where I left off later?
A: No. You are able to take a break during the video by clicking the pause button, but do not close the viewing screen until you complete the course.