Release Date: 01/08/2007

 Louisiana State University Agriculture Center, Amanda Hardesty, 513-319-5918
 Loyola University's, Richard McCarthy, 504-495-1460
 Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board, Harlon Pearce, 504-467-3809
 Legal Sea Foods, Ann Flannery, 617-593-0772

Volunteers are now assisting Louisiana's recovering seafood operations as they rebuild for the 2007 spring crab season. Photo opportunities will be available as part of a press briefing and volunteer work session.

Wayne and Lisa Ledet's crab shedding facility, 3413 Hopedale Hwy., St. Bernard, Louisiana 70085.

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007 - 11:30 a.m.

The $3.3 billion Louisiana seafood industry includes many small businesses still recovering from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Seafood interests have partnered to assist soft shell crab facility owners in parishes hit hardest by the 2005 storms.  LSU's AgCenter is working directly with 10 families from the ground up. 

Assistance to families includes tools, lumber, plumbing, filters, labor and other building supplies; custom fabrication of soft shell crab troughs and strategizing on installation of the systems. The project is in its third month. has directed Kellogg Foundation grant money to the project to rebuild and retool Louisiana crabbing as part of's "Go Fish" initiative.

Legal Sea Foods, a family owned and operated restaurant company on the East Coast, is holding their annual conference in New Orleans now.  Fifteen Legal Sea Foods volunteers are working at the Ledet crab facility as part of this community outreach activity.

For more information, contact Sara Ann Harris at 504-427-5050 or 504-838-1170.