Release Date: 11/06/2007

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Wildlife Disease Program has created a page within the LDWF Web site designed to provide current and timely information on wildlife diseases, mortality events and other critical news updates related to wildlife diseases in Louisiana.  The Web page is located at www.wlf.louisiana.gov/education/wildlifedisease.

Diseases originating in or carried by wild animals are having an increasingly serious impact on agricultural production, wildlife management and human health worldwide.   Within many rural areas, wildlife, domestic livestock, pets and humans share a large and increasing number of infectious diseases.  With continued urbanization into rural areas resulting in wildlife habitat loss, additional infectious diseases may emerge.

The LDWF Wildlife Disease Program is working to minimize the harmful effects of wild animal diseases on our state's wildlife, livestock and human populations.  They are currently participating in national surveillance programs for the detection of the avian influenza virus in migrating birds and chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer. 

Upcoming state programs include feral hog disease surveillance and population control.  Knowledge gained from these research projects will help minimize the negative impact of diseases on our state's wildlife populations.

For more information, contact Nan K. Huff at 225-765-0823 or nhuff@wlf.louisiana.gov.


Nan Huff, LDWF Wildlife Disease Coordinator, and Larry Reynolds, NAWMP Coordinator, collect samples for avian influenza virus surveillance.