Release Date: 01/22/2008

The Louisiana Oyster Task Force is scheduled to meet on Jan. 30, 2008 at 1 p.m. inside Drago's Restaurant located at 3232 N. Arnoult Road in Metairie.

The agenda is as follows:

I. Roll Call

II. Oyster Development Account Balance

III. Acceptance Of Minutes

IV. Action Items And Board Member Request

 A. Discussion of Jan. 9 Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Meeting; Item 9, "To receive and consider an Industry request for a Declaration of Emergency for Season Adjustments and Harvest Limits for the Public Oyster Grounds East of the Mississippi River." (Dennis Pixton)

 B. Discussion of recurring problems with out of area boats taking oysters from private leases in St. Bernard Parish and lack of enforcement (Dennis Pixton)

 C. Oyster Seed Grounds Compensation Program Update (John Roussel)

 D. Federal Funds Update (POLR, Seed Ground Planting, Debris Removal, Grant Aid) (Patrick Banks)

 E. Public Seed Grounds Committee Report (Buddy Pausina)

 F. Moratorium Committee Report (Wilson Voisin)

 G. Amend the LOTF By-Laws, "Creation and Organization" by adding a new section; E. "An Executive Committee shall be established and be comprised of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Past Chairman, and Executive Director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board. The function of the Executive Committee is to provide guidance on behalf of the Louisiana Oyster Task Force between meetings for the management of daily activities." (Al Sunseri)

 H. Area 3 Closure update (Anthony Roussell)

 I. Louisiana Oyster Industry Briefing Book (Wilson Voisin)

 J. ISSC Vibrio Vulnificus Management Plan (Mike Voisin)

 K. ISSC Vibrio Parahemoliticus Management Plan (Mike Voisin)

 L. V.v. and V.p. Management plans/Request a cost-benefit analysis and  economic impact on the oyster fisherman, farmers, dealers, regulatory agencies and consumers prior to proposal of regulations. Letter to DHH, LDWF, Legislative Oversight Committee and Governor's Office. (Al Sunseri)

 M. Crop Insurance Update (Mike Voisin)

 N. Upcoming March ISSC Board Meeting (Mike Voisin)

 O. Upcoming Louisiana Legislative Session (Mike Voisin)

 P. Set next meeting date (Mike Voisin)

 Q. Request for a Re-opening of Sister Lake with a sack limit per day trip in the month of February, 2008 (Wilson Voisin)

 R. Request for an Extension of the Season on certain State Public Grounds which are presently under La. DHH Closures. (Wilson Voisin)

 S. Annual Election of Officers (Mike Voisin)

V. Committee Reports

A. Legislative
B. Research (John Supan)
C. Health (David Guilbeau)
D. Enforcement (Keith Lacaze)
E. Legal (Buddy Pausina)
F. Coastal Restoration (Buddy Pausina)
G. Oyster Damage Evaluation Board (Mike Voisin)
H. Marketing
I.  Strategic Planning (John Supan)
VI.  Adjourn