Release Date: 04/04/2008

The Louisiana Oyster Task Force will meet on Tuesday, April 8 at the University of New Orleans Advanced Technology Center in room 2021 at 1 p.m.  The center is located at Lakeshore Drive Suite 300 in New Orleans.  The public is invited to attend.

The agenda is as follows:

A. Roll Call

B. Oyster Development Account Balance

C. Prior Meeting Minutes

D. Pending Business
 A. Combined Form - Vessel Log/Trip Ticket (DHH & LDWF)
 B. Legislation (Chair)
1.1.1. HB 171   Member Expenses
1.1.2. HB 798   Lease Moratorium LDWF Commission FYI (Chair ) Straightening Lines (LDWF)
1.1.3. HB 848   Public Grounds
1.1.4. SB  67   LDWF
1.1.5. The Use Of "Dredge" And "Dredging" (Mr. Bagala)

 C. Research Committee Report - Dr. Supan
  1) Coalition To Restore Coastal Louisiana (Natalie Snider)
  2) CCA (David Cresson)

  D. Promotions
  1) Oyster Jubilee (LSPMB)
  2) French Quarter Festival Oyster Shucking And Eating Contest (LSPMB)
  3) NSA Oyster Tasting Event (LSPMB/Mr. Collins)
  4) Up East Event?

 E. ISSC VV; VP Update
  1) Letter Sent To USFDA From DHH Relating To Economic Impact (Mr. Cambre/Mr. Guilbeau)
  2) Report On Planned Board Meeting (Mr. Guilbeau)
  3) Exemption From Harvesting Restrictions For Harvesting For PHT Processing Plants (Mr. Tesvich)

 F. Decorum At Meetings (Mr. Sunseri/Mr. Tesvich)
 G. Use Of Vessels For Freight (Enforcement/DHH)

 H. Shellfish Sanitation Meeting Update (Mr. Guilbeau)

 I.   Notice To Member Organization Concerning Meeting Attendance (Chair) - By-Law Amendment Concerning Removal Of Member (Mr. Tesvich)

E.  Member Requests

 A. DHH Basin Changes (Mr. Anthony)
 B) Special Session Ethics Law (Mr. Voisin/Mr. Smith)

 C) LRA Fisheries Infrastructure Funding Report (Kris Van Orsdale)

 D) Honorium For OTF Requested Outside Consulting (Dr. Supan)

 E) Request LDWF To Make Available Laser Printable Tags (Mr. M. Voisin)

 F) NSA Meeting On May 12th-16th In DC (Mr. M Voisin)

 G) 2008 NOAA National Symposium On Shellfish (Mr. M. Voisin)

 H) Discussion Of Projections For 2008-09 Public Seed Ground Crop Availability

F. Any Other Business

G.  Adjourn