Release Date: 10/06/2009

The Louisiana Oyster Task Force (LOTF) will meet at 1 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 12 at the University of New Orleans Advanced Technology Center located at 2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 200 in New Orleans.

The agenda is as follows:

I. Roll Call


III. Oyster Development Account Information
a. Oyster Tag Sales - (LSPMB Staff)

b. LOTF Financial Report - (LSPMB)

c. Crop Insurance Reimbursement - (Ewell Smith)

IV. New Business
a. Operation of Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion (Kenny Fox)

b. LOTF positions on ISSC Proposals

c. Streamlining of Government/Oyster Program (Governor's Office/DHH/LDWF)

d. Act 417 Exemptions for oyster harvester and dealers from V.v. and V.p. guidelines (DHH & LDWF)

e. Crop Insurance Update (Robert Cerda)

V. Committee Reports

a. Department of Health and Hospitals

1. Update on Joint Health/LDWF Committee Meeting Regarding DHH Logs and LDWF Trip Tickets - DHH and LDWF (David Guilbeau/Patrick Banks)

2. Update on water temp found at different levels of water column to see if the Vibrio calculator can be adjusted to reflect those differences

3. Update on Sabine Lake (DHH)

4. Education program for oyster harvesters and oyster dealers

b. Governor's Office on Coastal Affairs

1. Ostrica Locks construction update (Jerome Zeringue)

2. Marsh Island Restoration Project Information

c. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

1. Update on Maps that include DEQ Areas, Health Areas, Seasonal Closures and Longitudes/Latitudes

2. Update on non- renewal policy of oyster leases within Public Oyster Grounds & Wildlife Management Areas

3. Update on Request to exchange oyster lease acreage adversely affected by Coastal Restoration Projects

d. Public & Private Oyster Grounds Committee (Buddy Pausina)

1. Biological surveys following permitted coastal activities

2. Study group report on exemptions for concrete mats in coastal zone

3. SeaGrant Legal opinion on land-water ownership

4. Harvesting rules for the "planting only" portion of public harvest season

e. Research - (John Supan) - Update on Vibrio growth in oysters after initial harvest float research

f. Enforcement (Keith Lacaze)

g. Legal (Buddy Pausina) - Recording of Oyster Leases

h. Coastal Restoration Activity Impact Sub-Committee - (John Tesvich) - LOTF position paper on fresh water diversions for the Governor's Office on Coastal Protection, restoration, and Conservation

VI. Set Next Meeting

VII. Adjourn