LDWF Schedules Drawdown for Lake Bruin in Tensas Parish

Release Date: 08/23/2018

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, in conjunction with the Lake Bruin Recreation and Water Conservation District, has scheduled a drawdown for Lake Bruin in Tensas Parish to begin on September 3, 2018.
The department recommended the drawdown to improve fisheries habitat and provide homeowners the opportunity to conduct shoreline and property maintenance.  
The water level will be lowered 5 feet below pool stage, and the water control structure will close on December 15, 2018, to allow the lake to refill to normal level.
Previous drawdowns on Lake Bruin have proven beneficial for gamefish populations.   Exposing the lake bottom helps to reduce layers of organic “muck” that accumulate over time and typically results in increased gamefish spawning success.
For additional information, refer to the Lake Bruin Management Plans: Part A (lake history and management issues) and Part B (waterbody evaluation and management recommendations).
All homeowners are advised to take appropriate measures, as boat access into the lake will be limited.  
For further information regarding the drawdown, contact Ryan Daniel, LDWF Biologist Manager, at (318) 343-4044 or Steve Maynord, President of the Lake Bruin Recreation and Water Conservation District, at (601) 868-1240.