LDWF and BREC partner to remove debris at Dawson Creek; raise awareness about waterway litter in Baton Rouge, elsewhere

Release Date: 02/13/2019

Volunteers from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission (BREC) removed several hundreds of pounds of litter today from Dawson Creek in Baton Rouge.

The two agencies’ joint effort was initiated after several staff members at the nearby LDWF office on Quail Drive noticed litter mounting on the banks of Dawson Creek, which meanders near a BREC facility on Perkins Road.

“The LDWF Enforcement Division is the leading litter enforcement agency in the state,” said LDWF Secretary Jack Montoucet. “It is frustrating and disheartening to see the litter buildup in Dawson Creek and in other waterways, lakes and rivers around the state. This cannot be tolerated in the state that lays claim to being ‘Sportsman’s Paradise.’”

Common trash from consumer goods makes up the majority of what eventually becomes marine debris, polluting our streams, bayous, lakes and eventually Gulf of Mexico. Plastics in the aquatic environment are of increasing concern because of their persistence and effect on the environment, wildlife, and aquatic organisms.

LDWF is encouraging all Louisiana citizens to do their part to reduce the volume of trash entering our waterways by putting your trash in a proper trash receptacle.

Officials at BREC have similar concerns.

“BREC maintains over 180 parks throughout East Baton Rouge Parish, many containing water bodies which serve as large collection points for storm water run-off and whatever else the rain washes into them,” said BREC Superintendent Corey K. Wilson. “Floating debris accumulates in many of our ponds, and in addition to being unsightly, this trash becomes a hazard to wildlife. We recognize firsthand the detrimental effects pollution has on our waterways and are excited to partner with The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for this cleanup effort,”

What Citizens Can Do to Help

·                  Put your trash in a proper trash receptacle

·                  Clean out truck beds and refrain from throwing cigarette butts or other trash out of the car or watercraft.

·                  Carry a litterbag in your car or boat.

·                  Securely cover trash containers to prevent animals from spreading litter.

·                  Citizens, who witness littering or illegal dumping violations, are urged to call the  state's anti-litter hotline at 1-888-LIT-R-BUG (1-888-548-7284).

Dawson's Creek runs from South Acadian Thruway (beside Outback and I-10) to the LDWF Headquarters building and joins in with the drainage from the University Lakes becoming Ward Creek Diversion Canal.  The canal then becomes Bayou Manchac, eventually feeding into the Amite River and finally Lake Maurepas. 

Click HERE to download an interview with Buddy Baker, LDWF Biologist Administrator, photos from the cleanup and B-roll footage of today’s event.

Visit the Keep Louisiana Beautiful Website or LDWF Litter Enforcement page for more littering information.

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