Important Announcement from the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission

Upcoming School Sustainability Grants Opportunity for K-12 Schools!

As teachers and administrators, have you ever looked around your school and thought, “Wow! Opportunity missed!” when considering what students could be learning about sustainability from your school facility? Here’s your chance to engage students in making their school a more sustainable one!

The Louisiana Environmental Education Commission will soon be issuing applications for sustainability projects in K-12 schools in the EPA Region 6 area! Meanwhile, we wanted to give you time to be thinking about the outstanding sustainability initiatives that you would like to start in your school prior to you going on summer break!

WHO can apply? Fulltime classroom teachers or school administrators in accredited public or non-public schools (K-12) in the EPA Region 6 area – Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas - can apply on behalf of an individual school.
WHAT kind of projects will receive funding? We’ll be looking to award projects that encourage sustainability initiatives on K-12 school campuses and actively engage students in the process. No building construction or building modification will be funded, however.
WHERE do I begin? Spend some time thinking about a project that will educate, involve your students in a sustainability initiative, AND improve your school! Here’s an example:
The teacher notes that large amounts of waste are generated during school and at extracurricular events. Students calculate the amount of waste and recyclable materials generated, evaluate container needs and desirable locations, locate vendors, complete a cost a comparative of supplies, etc. Students develop a media campaign to solicit participation from personnel and fellow students. Once the program is implemented, students compare pre- and post- waste outputs, material types recycled, calculate landfill savings, and generate reports. Students conclude the lesson series by organizing an Earth Day at school, emphasizing the value of recycling to parents and fellow schoolmates the cost value of diverting waste from the landfill through recycling.
WHEN will the applications go out? Mid-August 2012
HOW much are we talking about? Up to $5000 per award!
WHY bother? Because you are an outstanding educator who cares about students, hands-on learning opportunities, and your environment!!!

Look for more in August but meanwhile, have a FANTASTIC summer!

Venise Ortego
Environmental Education Coordinator
Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries