LEEC eNews Bulletin: Exciting Summer PD Opportunity at Grand Isle Lab

The Louisiana Environmental Education Commission is hosting Watershed Webs, a 4-day professional development workshop for educators June 5-8 at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Research Laboratory in Grand Isle, LA. Made possible by a NOAA B-WET grant, Watershed Webs takes educators through real-world scientific investigations and supports your efforts to familiarize students with scientific protocols, data collection, and data interpretation. Instructional materials are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, engaging students in true investigative learning.
This is a chance for you to DO something about litter and help your students see the impacts. Let us teach you how to make a difference in your classroom! Attendees will learn how to collect and interpret litter data, monitor water quality, conduct a beach profile, identify micro plastics, understand the impacts of litter on wildlife, and use litter to visually trace their watershed. Attendees will also visit a recent beach restoration site, enjoy a barrier island boat tour, and go birding on a Nature Conservancy property a few steps from the lab.  During downtime, you will enjoy a fresh Gulf fish cookout and pier fishing (bring your license and equipment).
Watershed Webs participants will also have the opportunity to engage their own students in a beach sweep activity in their home area. We will help you conduct a field experience with your students and provide financial support through 2017.
Teachers in the coastal parishes/counties of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas are eligible to participate. Go to http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/watershed-webs-eligible-parishes-and-counties for a list of qualifying parishes and counties.
Participants who complete this workshop will receive:
·       Room and board at the laboratory dorm
·         Handheld WiFi microscope, dissolved oxygen kit, Secchi tube, pH test kit, thermometer, flash drive, & lessons (over $300 worth)
·        Up to 32 hours of professional development
·        Up to $700 in stipends paid; dependent upon participation level:
        ·   Tier 1: $100 for in-state attendees, $300 for out-of-state attendees
        ·   Tier 2: $100 for proof of lesson plan implementation in the classroom
        ·   Tier 3: $200 for conducting an approved field experience with students
        ·   Tier 4: $100 for presenting a related session at an approved conference
·        Student bus transportation, driver stipends and other support for related field experiences
·        Student public service announcement allowance of $100

Registration fee of $25.00 is required. (Check will be returned upon completion of workshop.)
REGISTER NOW - space is limited to 20 participants from eligible counties and parishes.
For more information, contact Venise Ortego at vortego@wlf.la.gov.