LEEC eNews Bulletin: Saturday Schedule and Keynote

There's still time to attend the 2018 Environmental Education State Symposium! Register on-site tomorrow, February 24, at 7 a.m. and spend the day learning and sharing your experiences with other environmental educators.

The theme this year is Green STEM, so many of the sessions aim to bring you up-to-date environmental-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Choose among sessions that fit your interest and grade level. And be sure to check out the keynote address by Drs. Rob Ross and Don Duggan-Haas from the Paleontological Research Institute in Ithaca, NY. See the topic below.

Fire and Brimstone and Fort McMurray: Reasons and Strategies for Talking About Climate Change, Drs. Don Duggan-Haas and Robert Ross

The overwhelming majority of scientists who study the climate accept that the global climate is warming, that this change is driven by human activities, that it is already causing serious and worsening problems, and that we can do things to make coming changes less bad. The subject, however, remains controversial among the general public and many of our political leaders flatly reject the scientific consensus. Why does a substantial minority of Americans and reject climate science? Often, our intuitive responses to controversial statements is counterproductive and deepens convictions more than understandings. Climate change has almost certainly worsened disasters in recent years. We’ll discuss the perils and promise of apocalyptic talk, look into the role of moral framing of discussion of climate change, and share rules of thumb for discussing controversial issues more broadly. We’ll also discuss the potential relevant green STEM career opportunities arising from responding to climate change. The talk draws from The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change, by Ingrid Zabel, Don Duggan-Haas, and Robert Ross.

Find more information at http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/louisiana-environmental-education-symposium or contact Thomas Gresham at tgresham@wlf.la.gov.