LEEC eNews Bulletin: Second Louisiana Whooping Crane Egg Hatches

Image of 2013 crane nest taken by Michael Seymour

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologist Sara Zimorski confirmed that a live chick hatched on April 13, 2016 from the second egg produced by whooping crane mating pair L6-12 & L8-13. This comes just two days after the proud parents welcomed their first hatchling. While the second hatch is certainly a hopeful sign, research suggests that its rare for two to survive. 


Louisiana currently has 42 fully-fledged whooping cranes, thanks to a reintroduction program begun in 2011. At last count there were only about 450 whooping cranes in the wild, and only about 600 total, leading the National Audubon Society to call it one of America's most endangered birds.


For more information on Louisiana whooping cranes, visit http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/wildlife/whooping-cranes.