LEEC Short Course Spotlight: Cross-curricular Instruction with Animals in the Classroom (Monroe Region) Workshop and Tour

LEEC's 2019 Regional Short Course event is fast approaching. With it, we're looking to bring environmental education professional development to communities all around the state. Classroom teachers and non-formal educators have a host of choices available at  http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/2019-leec-regional-short-courses for the February 16 event. Today, we're spotlighting: Cross-curricular Instruction with Animals in the Classroom.
Using the Louisiana Student Standards for Science, Language Arts, and Math,we will provide K-5 teachers of Northeast Louisiana a comprehensive workshop that includes hands-on activities which highlight environmental stewardship.Students at the K-5 level are extremely impressionable and it is never too soon to spark their interests in environmental conservation, research, and protection. 
The workshop will include the opportunity to learn how to create habitats using earthworms, mealworms, and butterflies, which will cover all elements that teachers need to replicate and implement the habitat in their own classrooms. Building these habitats will teach students how to engage in language arts through keeping journals, and science and math skills through building and maintaining the habitats. 
The workshop will also include a tour through Monroe’s Chennault Park where teachers will be exposed to our local resources for scientific education. During the tour, the LEEC, Black Bayou and ULM will work collectively on a water sampling event at the pond. First 30 classroom teachers registered receive a USB microscope! The microscopes will be used after to examine the water for show and tell. Ryan Daniel, an Inland Wildlife Biologist, and Nova Clarke, Black Bayou Education Specialist, will participate in the water sampling by discussing the aquatic habitat and ecosystem of the pond.
Photos: Situated adjacent to Monroe's Chennault Park, the Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum boasts important cultural exhibits along with space for the community to gather and learn.
Location: Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum, 1051 Chennault Park Drive, Monroe, LA 71203
Grade Level: K-5th
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.