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Save the Date!
The Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics (LATM) and The Louisiana Science Teachers Association (LSTA) joint conference will be held in Shreveport, Louisiana on November 12-14, 2012 at the Shreveport Convention Center located at 400 Caddo Street. Go to http://lamath.org/conference2012for forms and additional information.



NASA Regional Application Center (RAC) / UL Lafayette & the Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC)
Present Working with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst 9.3 Training Workshop
Interested in adding increased efficiency - and professionalism to your GIS efforts? LAGIC presents a three day ArcGIS Spatial Analyst training workshop, taught by our certified ESRI Trainer. This training is designed specifically for advanced GIS users to conduct sophisticated spatial analyses and create spatial models. All training includes ESRI certified materials, booklets, certificates, and 60 days ArcGIS 9.3 evaluation software. There are spots open in the following classes:
        ArcGIS Desktop II             06/18/2012–06/20/2012                $990
        ArcGIS Desktop III           07/10/2012–07/11/2012                $660
        Spatial Analyst 9.3            08/07/2012–08/09/2012                $990
ArcGIS V 10 for Desktop and V 9.3 for ArcGIS Spatial Analyst is also available. Full time student only can receive up to a 50% discount. To register please visit our website: http://lagic.lsu.edu/Training.asp. All the information is in the attached flyers, please contact Alaa Shams at ashams@lsu.eduwith questions and to register.



Bartlett Award Nomination (Deadline: June 15)
The Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award is given annually to an outstanding middle or high school teacher who successfully integrates environmental education into their curriculum and engages students in interdisciplinary solutions to environmental challenges. The award recognizes an educator who can serve as an inspiration and model for others. The 2012 Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award will go to a high school teacher, which includes grades 9-12. Because middle and high school teachers may face different challenges in their teaching on the environment, the award alternates between middle and high school teachers each year. The Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award winner will receive $5,000 and two merit winners will receive $750 each. Read about past Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award winners. Nominations for the Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award are due June 15, 2012. Nominate yourself or a teacher you know today!

Gulf Restoration Network Video Contest (Deadline: August 15)
Gulf Restoration Network is currently accepting submissions for their annual Defend the Gulf Short Film Showcase. The contest is a great opportunity for filmmakers, videographers, and Gulf supporters to utilize their talents to create short films, defend the Gulf, and win big prizes. They are looking for short films and PSA’s to communicate the Gulf’s environmental issues and promote restoration. From the history of the Atakapa-Ishak tribe that has witnessed the wetlands disappear over generations to surfing (or not surfing due to pollution) off the panhandle of Florida, the Gulf has many environmental stories to tell. You can help by sharing your story! Winners will be divided into three categories: Best Short FilmBest PSA, and People’s Choice Award. Each film contest winner will receive prize packages worth over $1,000, including two VIP Weekend passes to Voodoo Music Festival. Winners and runners up will be featured in the 2012 Defend the Gulf Short Film Showcase, which will be screened at over 200 events hosted by GRN volunteers all over the country, the Timecode: NOLA FFone Film Festival, and the Voodoo Music Festival. Deadline for videos is August 15, 2012. Don’t miss the chance to get your talents noticed and defend the Gulf of Mexico! Detailed submission guidelines and other information can be found at www.healthygulf.org/shortfilmshowcase



Jefferson Parish Job Announcement
Jefferson Parish has a job opening for an Environmental Quality Technician II position within the Department of Environmental Affairs. The job position would assist the Coastal Programs Supervisor. For further information about this position and how to apply, please click on the following link: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/jeffparish/default.cfm



Chevron’s Energyville
Chevron has developed an energy game to help students try to make informed decisions about a city’s energy needs, while considering the economic, security, and environmental impacts of these decisions. It provides a fun way for students to explore energy usage and its many implications for society and the environment. http://www.energyville.com/energyville

Show Me Wildlife
The Council for Environmental Education’s Growing Up Wild resources includes Show Me Wildlife http://www.projectwild.org/GrowingUpWILD/showmewildlife.htm, which allows you to view an array of wildlife videos and photos online, including insects, animals, plants, and more. Available resources for connecting young learners to their environment include: Army Ants on a Raid, Gardens Spider Spinning Web, Pelican Feeding, Looking a Fall Leaves, etc.

A Recipe for Clean Water
This middle school lesson was developed by Wet in the City, an urban environmental education program focused on water resources. Students examine the labels of household products to see which hazardous chemicals they contain. They then seek out and test less toxic alternatives to ensure less toxins enter the environment.  Environmental science, math, and health components. http://www.wetcity.org/documents/RecipeforCleanWater-2007.pdf

Canopy in the Clouds
Funded by the National Geographic Society, the National Science Foundation, and the Tropical Science Center of Costa Rica, this expansive video experience presents an amazing look at a tropical montane cloud forest, with click on links to information/videos at each level. The site includes classroom lessons for grades 6-8 and background information for teachers. Topics include water, weather, soils, ecology, evolution, biodiversity, etc.  http://www.canopyintheclouds.com


Find out about wetland outreach activities including symposiums, conferences, meetings, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and related support material at the Louisiana Unified Coastal Community Calendar at http://lacoast.gov/calendar/

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