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A Compilation of Environmental Education News from Across Louisiana.


EPA’s 2012 Environmental Education Grant Program (Deadline: November 21, 2012)
This grant program funds environmental education projects that enhance the public’s awareness, knowledge, and skills to make informed decisions and take responsible actions towards the environment. http://www.epa.gov/education/grants/index.html



NOAA Teacher at Sea Program Call for Applications (Deadline: October 31, 2012)
Are you an educator interested in doing research on a ship? Apply for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Teacher at Sea program giving teachers the opportunity to learn about maritime work and increase environmental literacy by fostering an interdisciplinary research experience. http://teacheratsea.noaa.gov

USM’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Teacher Opportunities
Explore a Seashore, a new program for adults and children over the age of 12, is sponsored by Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and provides GCRL scientists with an opportunity to share their research with members of the public during lab and field experiences with intriguing themes.  They have requested CEUs for all programs; CEUs for teachers are paid by the grant. Programs usually take place for 2 hours on Friday evening and 8 hours on Saturday. These programs fill quickly, so sign up soon. Registration forms and specific information about each program are available on the web: http://www.usm.edu/gcrl/mec/explore.a.seashore.php. For more information contact Shamika Harris-Richardson at 228-818-8833 or shamika.harrisrichardson@usm.edu.
2012-2013 Programs
Sharks, Shores and a Whole Lot More, $20; 0.8 CEUs; 5/11-12/2013
Art and Science on Horn Island (in cooperation with Walter Anderson Museum of Art), $50 members WAMA/$65 non-members WAMA; 0.8 CEUs; 4/13-14/2013
Human Diseases from the Coastal Ocean, $20; CEUs requested; 10/12-13/2012 and 3/9-10/2012 (spring date is tentative)
Insights into Parasites of the Sound, $20; 0.7 CEUs; 10/26-27/2012
Weathering the Storm, $20; 0.5 CEUs; 11/17/2012

Call for Presenters…Call for Exhibitors!
On February 22-23, 2013, the LEEC and the LEEA will host the 16th Annual Louisiana Environmental Education Symposium – “Our Environment…Our Future” at the Marriott Hotel in Baton Rouge. This year we are placing emphasis on the concept of sustainability – understanding, key practices, implementation, and more. The theme for this upcoming conference, therefore, is “Build a Sustainable Future”!
Exhibitors: Our target audience will include classroom teachers, pre-service teachers, business and industry representatives, non-profit organizations, state and local officials, and non-formal educators.
Presenters: Do you have a hands-on workshop, lesson activities, or exemplary program that you would like to share with other educators? Particularly one that incorporates the concept of sustainability?! Consider presenting at the upcoming 2013 Louisiana EE Symposium! Help teachers by giving them the tools necessary to conduct quality environmental lessons! Also, teachers love presentations made by fellow teachers so if you are a classroom teacher with an innovative lesson, please consider using the symposium as a way to ultimately reach a larger audience of students!
Postmark deadline for exhibitor registration and presenter proposals is November 30, 2012. Please see attached forms and informational flyers below.
For more information: Venise Ortego, EE Coordinator, 337-948-0255, vortego@wlf.la.gov, or Juliet Raffray, EE Assistant Coordinator, 225-765-0124, jraffray@wlf.la.gov



BatsLIVE Webinar: A Distance Learning Adventure (October 11, 7:00-8:30 PM, EDT)
BatsLIVE, in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, is hosting a free webinar for 4-8th grade teachers and students. Learn about cave and karst topography in this interactive program and submit your questions to experts: Cynthia Sandeno, National Cave and Karst Coordinator for the USDA Forest Service; Carol Zokaites, Chief of Environmental Education for Virginia State Parks and National Coordinator of Project Underground; and Dr. Rick Toomey, director of the Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning. http://online.nwf.org/site/Calendar?id=105903&view=Detail

Exploring Landscapes through Project Based Learning (October 24, 2:00 PM EDT)
Understanding our landscapes - where we live and how we interact with our natural resources - is a critical part of understanding natural resource issues. Webinar presenters Breanna Trygg and Erica Baker will introduce the Project Based Learning Model (PBL). In PBL, students explore their local landscape by structuring and organizing an action project and sharing what they have learned. This webinar covers information from two CE Strategy resources: Landscape Investigation Guidelinesand Project Based Learning Model. Breanna Trygg is Environmental Education Program Coordinator for the Pacific Education Institute. Erica Baker is Educational Consultant. Space is limited so be sure to register soon.

OneNOAA Science Seminars: October 2012
(Click on seminar title for complete and updated seminar details online)
Evolutionary Strategies in Marine Phytoplankton: Interrelated Influence of Nutrients, Cell Size, and Grazing Defense
October 04, 2012, 11:00-12:00 PDT
Oysters' Contribution to Water Column Filtration
October 04, 2012, 12:00-12:30 EST
Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Freshwater Wetland Ecosystems
October 04, 2012, 12:30-13:00 EST
What Pirates Can Teach Us About Integrated Decision Support
October 05, 2012, 12:00-13:00 EST
Reprise: Collaborating with Friends - Creating Intranet Sites with Google Sites
October 09, 2012, 14:00 - 15:00 EST
Make Coastal Changes Come Alive with CanVis Visualization Software
October 10, 2012, 14:00-15:30 EST
Sandlance, Sharks and Sticky Fish - Inspiration for New Materials and Biomimetic Solutions to Unusual Problems
October 11, 2012, 11:00-12:00 PDT
NOAA Monthly Climate Webinar Updates
October 18, 2012, 11:00 - 12:00 EST (times may vary)
Marine Genomics and the Evolution of Body Plans
October 18, 2012, 11:00-12:00 PDT
Introduction to Great Lakes Climate Education Resources
October 19, 2012, 10:00-12:00 EST
Using Cost Effectiveness Analysis to Select Salmon Recovery Measures: A Practical Approach with Some Difficulties
October 25, 2012, 11:00-12:00 PDT



EcoChallenge: Change Begins With You (October 1-15)
The EcoChallenge is an opportunity to change your life for good. Common wisdom says it takes two weeks to change a habit. Choose one action to reduce your environmental impact and stick with it for two weeks. As an individual or with a team, you pick a category and set a goal that stretches your comfort zone and makes a difference for you and the planet. http://www.ecochallenge.org



Volunteers Needed to Assist with a Coastal Forest Restoration Project near Chalmette (October 16)
The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation are looking for volunteers to participate in a coastal forest tree restoration project near the Caernarvon Diversion Outfall Canal in Plaquemines Parish, LA (near Chalmette, LA) on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. to no later than 4:00 p.m. Directions and additional information will be provided to registered volunteers via e-mail. All planting equipment (gloves, shovels, etc.), lunch, and refreshments will be provided. Volunteers will be planting 300 cypress trees and wrapping the trees with protectors to shield them from predators. Volunteers will be transported to the planting site by boat. This will be a muddy day with strenuous and dirty activity, so physical fitness is required. Please register online atthe www.crcl.orgor call the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana at 1-(888)-LACOAST for more information. 



Chasing Water
Bullfrog Films has just released Chasing Water, a documentary that follows the Colorado River, source to sea, with photographer Pete McBride who takes an intimate look at the watershed as he attempts to follow the irrigation water that sustains his family's Colorado ranch. This visual journey is both revealing and alarming as it highlights the state of the river and the Southwest's drying future. http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/chasw.html

Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence
Ecoliterate offers an exciting new model of education that advances academic achievement; protects the natural world upon which we depend; and fosters strength, hope, and resiliency. It tells stories of activists, educators, and young people who are creatively addressing issues related to oil, coal, food, and water in places ranging from the Arctic to Appalachia and New Mexico to New Orleans. The secret to their success? Bringing some emotional intelligence to their ecological goals. Ecoliterate is the result of an innovative collaboration between Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) and Lisa Bennett and Zenobia Barlow of the Center for Ecoliteracy. http://www.amazon.com/Ecoliterate-Educators-Cultivating-Ecological-Intelligence/dp/1118104579

How to Develop Effective Leadership in your Community
How do you empower leaders in your community to stand up and get involved in environmental justice issues? Watch EPA's newest video in their 20th Anniversary video series, featuring Teri Blanton, the former Chair for the citizens' group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Teri describes the lessons learned from helping local residents take ownership over the decision-making processes, and how to train leaders to advocate for healthier communities. http://blog.epa.gov/ej/2012/09/809/

LPB, in Partnership with CWPPRA, Releases Turning the Tide Curriculum for Educator
Teachers and students have a powerful new resource for studying the environmental and economic crisis unfolding at the mouth of America’s largest river delta along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. Turning the Tide, an award-winning LPB documentary, takes an in-depth look at the proposed solutions, proven strategies, and bold engineering that can “turn the tide” on Louisiana’s coastal erosion problem. New! Turning the Tide: A Companion Teaching Guide and the companion video clips encourages students to ask questions about the environmental, cultural and economic crisis resulting from land loss along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast and to explore how choices made today will affect their future. It is available free at lpb.org/turningthetide and http://lacoast.gov/new/Ed/Curriculum.aspx. This guide was developed by LPB, CWPPRA's Educational Outreach program and the region’s top environmental science educators, with funding from the McKnight Foundation. Targeting middle and high school teachers and students, the resource provides lessons in Economics, Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Art and Geography that are aligned to state and national standards. Creative teaching strategies for using the guide will be demonstrated at the Louisiana Science Teachers Association conference in Shreveport on November 12-14, 2012. Registration information is available at http://www.lsta.info/index.php. For questions about the documentary Turning the Tide contact Christina Melton at cmelton@lpb.org and/or about the teacher guide contact Susan Testroet-Bergeron at bergerons@usgs.gov.

NEW Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine from National Wildlife Federation
A brand new magazine from the publishers of Ranger Rick® targeting ages 4-7. For more information: http://www.nwf.org/Kids/Ranger-Rick-Jr.aspx

Find out about wetland outreach activities including symposiums, conferences, meetings, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and related support material at the Louisiana Unified Coastal Community Calendar at http://lacoast.gov/calendar/

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Juliet Raffray, Assistant Coordinator, 225-765-0124, jraffray@wlf.la.gov