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Southeastern to Host Conference on Lake Pontchartrain Basin Research (October 27-29)
A three-day conference on research in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin will be held at Southeastern Louisiana University October 27-29. “Basics of the Basin 2011: Commemorating 10 Years of Research” will be co-hosted by the university with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Southeastern’s Pontchartrain Basin Research Program (PBRP), the UNO Pontchartrain Restoration Program (PRP) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Keynote speaker at the conference will be U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.). Vitter will speak at the initial conference luncheon on Thursday in Southeastern’s Twelve Oaks Ballroom. Friday’s keynote will be presented by Mark Schleifstein, environmental reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. In addition to the 42 oral presentations and 18 poster presentations taking place in technical sessions over the first two days on campus, other special guest lectures will be made by Virgina Burkette of the U.S. Geological Survey on climate change; Sam Hyde, director of the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies at Southeastern on the history of the Pontchartrain Basin; and David Burley, assistant professor of environmental sociology at Southeastern. The program is open to the public, and pre-registration is preferred. The full agenda and registration information can be found at www2.selu.edu/orgs/pbrp/Basics_Registration.html. Call 985-549-5008 for more information.

Darwin Day Roadshow - Deadline approaching (October 31st)
Bring Evolution To Your School/Community For Darwin Day 2012!
Interested in bringing cutting-edge evolutionary science to your school and community? Apply by MONDAY, OCT. 31st to be a stop on NESCent’s 2012 Darwin Day Roadshow. NESCent (The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center - www.nescent.org) is an NSF-funded evolution research center. To celebrate Charles Darwin’s contributions to science and society, we send our scientists on the road every year during “Darwin Day” (the annual, world-wide celebration of Darwin’s birthday on Feb. 12th) to talk to students, teachers and the general public about their research and career opportunities in science. Our focus is on small, rural communities (i.e., places that wouldn’t likely have a Darwin Day celebration if they weren’t a stop on our Roadshow). There is no cost to you, the teachers, and we’ll even leave you with a collection of evolution teaching resources. For more information, and to apply to have your school considered, please visit roadshow.nescent.org or contact Jory Weintraub (jory@nescent.org). 



OneNOAA Science Seminars
Upcoming OneNOAA Science Seminars is a joint voluntary effort by many NOAA offices to help share science across NOAA and our constituents. For questions, to join as a OneNOAA seminar partner, or to present a seminar, please contact Hernan.Garcia@noaa.gov or a OneNOAA science seminar partner. OneNOAA science seminars take place at different NOAA locations across the US. All seminars are open to anyone unless otherwise indicated. Click on the seminar titles (links) to access details (location, time, remote access, etc) or visit http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/seminars/ for updated seminar information. 
October 2011 OneNOAA Science Seminars
Oct 27: Alternative Foraging Strategies and Social Dominance among Brown Bears at McNeil Falls, Alaska: Why do Some Bears Catch More Fish than Others?
Oct 28: Adaptive Management of the Great Barrier Reef: A Globally Significant Demonstration of the Benefits of Networks of Marine Reserves
November 2011 OneNOAA Science Seminars
Nov 01: Regional Distribution of Upper-Ocean Thermosteric Sea-Level and Sea-Level Changes: 1960 to 2009
Nov 02: Using the Web and Social Media as Communication Tools: An Integrated Approach
Nov 02: Mapping and Visualizing Sea level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts
Nov 03: Lessons for Fisheries Management from Laboratory Experiments
Nov 03: Atmospheric Photochemistry and Ozone Production: Results from SHARP 2009 in Houston, Texas
Nov 03: Annual Tzvi Gal-Chen Lecture: Clouds and Climate Processes
Nov 10: Understanding Changes in Extreme Precipitation Projections in a High-Resolution Modeling Framework
Nov 10: New Directions in Fisheries Acoustics: Perspectives from New Zealand
Nov 10: New Business Models for Small-Scale Fishermen and Processors
Nov 16: Ionospheric Data Assimilation
Nov 17: Trends in Status of Global Marine Fisheries
Nov 17: A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change: Promoting Community-Based Adaptation Planning For Climate Change In Alaska
Nov 18: Thinking about Inference in Ecology: Replication, Metareplication, Induction and Deduction
Nov 29: The Goshen County, Wyoming, supercell (5 June 2009) intercepted by VORTEX2: Interesting Evolution Leading up to Tornadogenesis
Nov 30: In Situ Sensing in Supercells with the Tempest Unmanned Aircraft System
Nov 30: Micro and Nanotechnology-Enabled Environmental Sensing with Lagrangian Drifters
December 2011 OneNOAA Science Seminars
Dec 01: Abundance, Survival, and Life History of Salmonid Populations in Western Washington
Dec 01: Evaluation of Hub-Height Wind Speed Forecast from the ESRL/GSD High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model and NCEP Hires West CONUS 4 km WRF Model
Dec 06: BIOMap Alaska: Citizen Science for Alaska's Oceans
Dec 07: Marshes on the Move: Understanding and Using Model Results that Show Future Sea Level Rise Impacts on Coastal Wetlands
Dec 08: NMFS's Role in Bycatch Reduction
Dec 14: A Sustainable Idea: Virginia Sea Grant's Seafood Education for the Culinary Community
Dec 15: An Ecologist's Perspective on the Progress of Ecosystem-Based Management by the Fishery Management Councils
January 2012 OneNOAA Science Seminars
Jan 17: Ocean Acidification Research at NOAA: What, Where and Why



Volunteers Needed- Elmer's Island Habitat Restoration (October 28 & 29, 10 am–3 pm)
Elmer's Island is a 230-acre tract of barrier beachfront located on the southwestern tip of Jefferson Parish, managed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as a refuge for migrating and nesting birds, wildlife, and planned habitat restoration. Habitat Restoration: sand fences to facilitate dune building and the planting of native vegetation to enhance shoreline protection, provide habitat for migratory and native birds, and for our native fish and wildlife. Dress for the weather and be prepared to be in direct sun and to get wet and muddy. Elmer’s Island is remote. There are no bathrooms. Pack a lunch or order food to pick up. Bring sunscreen, a water bottle and a smile. If you prefer to wear gloves please bring a pair. An introduction to coastal land loss and the role of grasses in restoration as well as all necessary equipment and training are provided.
Click Here to Register or e-mail wetlandplantcenter@gmail.com

Volunteers Needed- Cypress Marsh Restoration Project (November 2 & 3)
The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation are looking for interested canoe paddlers to volunteer for a cypress swamp restoration project near the Caernarvon Diversion in Plaquemines Parish, LA. This project will promote a healthy cypress forest on land that has been accumulating from sediment outflow from the Caernarvon Diversion. They are looking for volunteers to unload and transport trees, by boat, a short distance up a canal to unload at the planting site on Wednesday November 2nd and Thursday November 3rd on Caernarvon Diversion Outfall Canal (near Poydras, LA). All planting equipment (gloves, shovels, etc.), lunch, and refreshments will be provided. Volunteers can bring their own canoes, but extra canoes are available. Volunteers must be over 18 years old. All volunteers must register with the Coalition to attend the event! To register, please contact CBRPintern@crcl.org.



New Prizes, Funding and Technical Support for Disney’s Planet Challenge
Registration is now open for grades 3-8 classrooms to participate in Disney’s Planet Challenge™ (DPC)—a FREE, highly-acclaimed, project-based, environmental competition for elementary and middle school students all across the United States. New features have been added to enhance the program this year:
• Classrooms are now eligible to receive full funding up to $500.00 in materials for your project through DPC’s collaboration with Donor’s Choose.
• Classrooms have the opportunity to be paired with really cool scientists and engineers from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) who will offer guidance and mentorship and provide access to science and business resources for your projects.
• Elementary AND middle school grand prize winners will come together to celebrate at Walt Disney World and be recognized for their work in April 2012.
• EVERY participant receives recognition and a prize at the end of the year.
Disney’s Planet Challenge inspires students to be good stewards of the environment and empowers them to make a difference in their school, at home and in their local communities while teaching them about science, conservation and positive ways to impact the planet. Teachers are given the resources to create a standards-based curriculum that engages students in researching, managing and solving a real world environmental issue with their teachers. To learn about the Donor’s Choose funding program and to register, visit http://disney.go.com/planetchallenge/. If you have any questions, email DisneyPlanetChallenge@gmail.com or call (877) 235-1399.



Fiscal Year 2012 Conservation and Restoration Partnership Fund Award Announcement (October 19)
This year the Conservation and Restoration Partnership Fund has dedicated $1 million to provide matching funds for projects aimed at coastal conservation and restoration. The State will use this funding to further leverage its funds to achieve its coastal restoration goals. The program was announced at the August 17th CPRA meeting and proposals were accepted from 8/17/2011 through 9/16/2011. Proposals were evaluated based on: Consistency with the State Master Plan, Estimated acreage conserved/restored, Synergism with other projects, Constructability, Matching funds
We are excited to announce that we were able to help fund three excellent projects:
Project -- Sponsor -- Award -- Match
LaBranche Wetlands Hydrologic Restoration -- Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana -- $350,000 -- $330,000
Reforesting 50 acres with Superior Baldcypress -- Restore The Earth Foundation -- $100,000 -- $540,000
St. Louis Canal Freshwater Introduction Project -- Ducks Unlimited -- $550,000 -- $800,000
                     TOTAL -- $1,000,000 -- $1,670,000

CWPPRA Restoration Community Accepts Prestigious Award
The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) awarded the 2011 Coastal Project Award to the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) Task Force. The award recognized the CWPPRA Task Force and staff for their commitment to the protection of fragile wetland habitats. For additional information about ASBPA contact Harry Simmons at president@asbpa.org or 910-200-7867 or visit the web at http://www.asbpa.org/conferences/conf_fall_11.htm

Find out about wetland outreach activities including symposiums, conferences, meetings, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and related support material at the Louisiana Unified Coastal Community Calendar at http://lacoast.gov/calendar/

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