NOAA Reimbursement Program

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) launched a $30 million reimbursement program, designed to assist the commercial fishing industry following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. The funds for this program are part of the $40 million appropriation by U.S. Congress allocated to Louisiana for fisheries disaster assistance to the commercial fishing industry.

Who is eligible?

Licensed, resident commercial fishermen and wholesale/retail seafood dealers must have reported sales or purchases of saltwater species on LDWF trip tickets during September 1, 2005 through August 31, 2008 (and received by LDWF by November 30, 2008) and held a 2008 resident Louisiana commercial fishing or wholesale/retail dealer license.

Important Information & Deadlines for Program Participants

This reimbursement program is structured as a two part process.

  • In June, over 4000 application packets were sent to those commercial fishermen and wholesale/retail dealers who were eligible for the program.
  • The first half of eligible reimbursement will be issued after the initial application packet is mailed (postmarked no later than September 30, 2009) to the South Central Planning and Development Commission.
  • The second half of eligible reimbursement will be issued after the participant submits acceptable receipts/invoices dated after July 1, 2009.
  • Receipts/invoices must document the use of the entire initial payment on eligible items.
  • Original receipts/invoices may be brought to one of the satellite offices or mailed to South Central Planning and Development Commission (SCPDC). 

*Note: LDWF is distributing relief money in the order in which the applications were received.


1-800-630-3791 (toll free)
985-655-1051 (local)
P.O. Box 1240,
Gray, LA 70359-9902

**It is estimated that the total infrastructure and economic loss from hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008 totaled over $750 million. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries was charged with the coordination and distribution of federal recovery funds to the fishing industry.**