Red Grouper

Size Limit: 

20” min total length

Bag and Posession Limit: 

5 daily in aggregate
No more than one speckled hind and one Warsaw
grouper per vessel and not more than one red
grouper per person included in the bag limit.

Two day limit allowed in possession only on charter vessels and headboats on multi day trips, if the vessels have two licensed operators as required by the U.S. Coast Guard for trips more than 12 hours, and if each angler has in possession a receipt issued on behalf of the vessel verifying the length of the trip.

Grouper: NOTE: A closed season has been established for recreational harvest of gag, black and red grouper, effective Feb. 15 - March 14 of each year in Louisiana state waters. As of the publication date of this pamphlet, modified rules on bag limits were being considered. Please refer to the LDWF website for current information: saltwater/seasons and saltwater/regulations. Other seasons and rules are currently in place in Federal waters off of Louisiana. Please check those rules at under “Fishing Regulations.”

No harvest of red snapper, greater amberjack or grouper of any species is allowed for the captain and crew of vessel, under charter (their creel limit is zero).